Canine Pyometra : a Real Danger for Reproductive Females

Canine Pyometra, a very serious danger to breeding dogs

Canine Pyometra Guest Writer: Franklin Medina If you have reproductively intact dogs, and have been contemplating breeding, you have probably had any number of well-meaning people tell you that it’s a bad idea. They point to the increased nutritional needs of the bitch, problems that can occur during whelping, the inconvenience of having to take … Read more

How To Protect Your Pet from Pest Control Dangers

Follow this pet safe pest control guide to minimize risk to you and your pets' health before, during, and after pest extermination treatment.

Pet  Safe Pest Control Pest control activities are dangerous for all kinds of pets and certain measures to minimize the risks must be taken before, during and after pest extermination. Pest eradication activities quite often result in the death of domestic pets which fall victim to traps and poison, as sometimes it’s just impossible to … Read more

17 Reasons to Own a Black Cat

17 reasons to own a black cat

17 Reasons to Own a Black Cat In the animal world, cats have the dubious honor of garnering the most superstitions. And it’s black cats in particular that are the main focus of many of these superstitions. For instance, a black cat crossing your path in moonlight means you will become sick. A black cat … Read more

10 Housekeeping Tips for Pet Owners

Minimize the additional messes your pets make by following these 10 housekeeping tips for pet owners so you can spend more time having fun!

Housekeeping Tips for Pet Owners Guest Writer: Paisley Hansen Having pets requires certain responsibilities and also incurs greater housekeeping efforts. You can simplify your housekeeping by keeping a number of products on hand and following a regular schedule that will minimize the additional work created by pets, so you can spend more time having fun … Read more

How Owning A Dog Makes Your Social Life Better

Studies show owning a dog makes your social life better. Dogs have a positive impact on us, physically and psychologically too.

Owning A Dog Makes Your Social Life Better Much scientific research has shown that dogs have a positive impact on a human’s life, physically and psychologically. If you are a dog parent, I suppose we don’t need to talk about how your dog makes you happy any further. But, did you know that owning a … Read more