Cannabis and Pets: A Holistic Way to Treat Animal Pain

Ways to Treat Animal Pain

Cannabis and Pets Alternate Ways to Treat Animal Pain The history of Cannabis is lengthier than some may realize, and now it has momentum on its side. As of November 2016, medicinal marijuana is legal in 28 states and the District of Columbia. Five states approved it in the last general election, while California became … Read more

10 Housekeeping Tips for Pet Owners

Minimize the additional messes your pets make by following these 10 housekeeping tips for pet owners so you can spend more time having fun!

Housekeeping Tips for Pet Owners Guest Writer: Paisley Hansen Having pets requires certain responsibilities and also incurs greater housekeeping efforts. You can simplify your housekeeping by keeping a number of products on hand and following a regular schedule that will minimize the additional work created by pets, so you can spend more time having fun … Read more

Pet Insurance For Four-legged Family Members

Pet Insurance for your four-legged family

Pet Insurance Guest Author:  Paisley Hansen Just like having insurance on your other family members makes sense, having pet insurance makes sense too, especially in the face of rising vet costs. Not only are the prices going up, but the number of medical services available to pets along with the level of care pet parents … Read more