How Owning A Dog Makes Your Social Life Better

Owning A Dog Makes Your Social Life Better

Much scientific research has shown that dogs have a positive impact on a human’s life, physically and psychologically. If you are a dog parent, I suppose we don’t need to talk about how your dog makes you happy any further. But, did you know that owning a dog makes your social life better too?

There are roughly 4 million dogs in the United States, which means there are at least 3,999,999 people out there that can connect with you through a topic about dogs. It is natural to ask a random stranger about which park they take their dogs to, which is the best dry dog food for Pitbulls, in their opinion, or to share a cute moment, as long as a dog is by their side.

Studies show owning a dog makes your social life better. Dogs have a positive impact on us, physically and psychologically too.

Dogs need exercise, so dog owners tend to have a greater requirement for daily activities than other people. Not only your walk, hike or run will be more interesting, but your relationship with your dog will be deepened. It will open new opportunities to talk to others on your hiking trails or while in dog parks. Starting and maintaining new friendships is easier with the positive vibes coming from your dog.

By taking care of a dog, owners can add more structure and routine to their day. Stress often makes us depressed and anxious, but faced with a simple plaintive look from a pup will make you want to get out of bed and join him in exercising. With a consistent routine, humans tend to be more balanced and calm, and symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD are reduced.

People with emotional difficulties can find a lot of help in dogs. Dogs and cats have therapeutic effects, as they fulfill our needs for touch. One study found out that hardened criminals show long-term changes in their behavior after frequent exposure to dogs. Many of them say that interacting with a dog helped them feel mutual affection for the first time in their life. By the touch of a canine, our sensory stress is relieved, making our mind more open.

Studies show owning a dog makes your social life better. Dogs have a positive impact on us, physically and psychologically too. Read this.

Isolation and loneliness often trigger for depression. Caring for a living animal makes people feel needed and wanted, distract them from their own problems, and reduce their risk of depression by to 34%. The loyal and warm companionship of a dog is proven to prevent illness and increase longevity.

If you are struggling with social life or emotional problems, we suggest adopting a dog to help solve the problem. The presence of a dog will offer you comfort, help you build self-confidence, reduce anxiety and open the chances to make new friends. That’s how owning a dog makes your social life better.

Reference: Harvard Health Publications


Guest Writer: Lan Hoang is a dog enthusiast from She mainly blogs about the scientific sides of dog care, dog health, dog training and best dry dog food.


Guest Writer: Lan Hoang is a dog enthusiast from She mainly blogs about the scientific sides of dog care, dog health, dog training and best dry dog food.”

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2 thoughts on “How Owning A Dog Makes Your Social Life Better”

  1. Hi Jeanne,

    I haven’t been around for a while but when I saw this article I just wanted to share my 2 cents!

    I totally agree with Lan that owning a dog, or in my case dogs, makes ones social life better.

    We have a pretty big yard but still love taking our dogs out on excursions.

    We have a special place called Walk Haven. We often go out there for the day. It’s a way to drive from our home but so worth it.

    They have a little restaurant and we have a nice breakfast there before the fun begins. There are 2 dams for swimming and plenty of space to run free.

    The dogs are the topic of conversation with every one we meet and we meet loads of new people each time we go. I’ve never met a grumpy person there.

    It’s also a great time for dogs to socialize. So I guess in a way, for canines to have humans improves their social life too. A win-win!

    • Walk Haven certainly does sound like it’s a worthwhile drive. I used to love taking Star out in public too. There’s just something about them that starts people talking. Little kids would be afraid, at first, but she was just a big baby. She was so gentle with them. Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad you did.


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