Top Tips For Pitbull Owners

Top Tips For Pitbull Owners

Guest Writer: D E Bradley

Pitbull ownership can be a roller coaster ride with unexpected obstacles and plenty of high points – but those high points only come along if you are a committed, responsible and realistic owner. This means acknowledging the middle ground. Not all pitbulls are aggressive monsters, but they have the potential to become one without proper care. Most pitbulls can be playful, loving family members, but again, only with the proper care. This brief guide on top tips for pitbull owners to look at some of the key issues regarding training, health and general welfare to help you raise the ideal pup and create a long, loving relationship.

This top tips for pitbull owners guide look at some key issues regarding training, health and general welfare of your pup.

Never forget that pitbulls are people orientated.

This essentially means that pitbulls are drawn to people, rather than tending to shy away from them. This personality trait can be a blessing or a curse depending on their training. If a pup is brought up to be territorial and protective of its pack, this could lead to aggressive behavior when the dog is confronted with strangers or other animals. With the right attitude and training, however, pitbulls can put all this attention into a loving, playful demeanor. If you work hard to socialize your dog with other animals, neighbors and children, it will develop better relationships.

How to lower the risk of your pitbull becoming aggressive.

Socialization is important if you are going to ensure that your dog doesn’t become too aggressive with others, but this needs to be carried out in a controlled, gradual manner. Make sure that all meetings with other animals and children are in a controlled environment where your dog won’t pose a risk if it gets too boisterous. The home or garden are ideal; dog parks are a step too far. Make sure to always be present as well to step in and provide reassurance and discipline for your dog. Another step to lower the risk of aggression is to spay or neuter your pet.

This top tips for pitbull owners guide look at some key issues regarding training, health and general welfare

Exercise is essential, even with these small dogs.

Pitbulls are small, muscular dogs with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life. If that energy is not properly dealt with, it could build up into destructive behavior or other problems. Make sure to provide plenty of exercise for your dog. Tire them out with lots of walks, play games with them, and make sure they have space outside to burn off excess energy when a walk is not possible. On the subject of the yard, make sure it is nice and secure to stop these curious balls of energy from getting loose.

Health concerns with pitbulls

These dogs are seen as tough, healthy individuals but that doesn’t mean there aren’t health issues to keep in mind. In addition to the problem of excess energy, it is important to keep your dog lean and healthy, maintaining the ideal body mass and muscle for the breed. You don’t want your pup to become obese, as this could put strain on his muscles, joints and organs. As adults, these dogs can develop hip dysplasia and allergies and they are prone to cataracts in old age.

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This top tips for pitbull owners guide look at some key issues regarding training, health and general welfare

Feeding your pitbull

In order to prevent obesity and muscle wastage, you need to ensure that your pitbull receives the right diet. There are different food options for pitbulls that offer the appropriate amount of protein, vitamins and other essential nutrients to sustain your dog’s health and development. There are also high-protein diets for those that need to bulk up. Be aware that one of those allergies these dogs can develop is an intolerance to carbohydrates like wheat and grains. It is best to avoid foods with these extra ingredients and any brands that use artificial flavors and colors, just to be safe.

There are a lot of top tips for pitbull owners, but it is worth it.

Pitbulls can be a joy to own, but you have to put the work in. With the right approach to training, feeding and exercising your dog, you can ensure that your pitbull is one of the happy, sociable animals that kids want to play with, rather than an uncontrolled ball of energy that may snap at them. Pay attention to healthcare, diet, socialization and aggression, and enjoy the rewards.

This top tips for pitbull owners.

Guest Author Bio:

D E Bradley is an animal lover, naturalist and environmental campaigner who also works as a regular contributor to The Pet God and other dog-related websites. Here she provides tips on grooming, feeding and healthcare, and helps new owners learn more about pure and hybrid breeds. Her philosophy is simple: every dog deserves a knowledgeable, caring, understanding owner.


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