17 Reasons to Own a Black Cat

17 Reasons to Own a Black Cat

In the animal world, cats have the dubious honor of garnering the most superstitions. And it’s black cats in particular that are the main focus of many of these superstitions.

For instance, a black cat crossing your path in moonlight means you will become sick. A black cat appearing at a funeral forecasts the death of another family member. A black cat walking away from you takes away all of your luck. And of course, the numerous associations between black cats and witchcraft.

Because of these endless superstitions, many animal shelters suspend the adoption of black cats during the month of October. And all cat owners are generally advised to keep their cats indoors both before and on Halloween.

17 reasons to own a black cat
Photo: Shira Gal, Flickr

Dave Kaminski, who runs the website SixCatsOnedude, is the proud parent of six rescue cats, three of them black. To help combat the negative stereotypes surrounding black cats, he put together an infographic on the 17 reasons to own a black cat. The benefits are based on actual science, plus his 40 years worth of experience in living with black cats.

It shows that owning a black cat (or more accurately having one own you), has many advantages. Everything from health, to love, to house chores and even how people view you. You can check out all 17 reasons to own a black cat in the infographic below:

17 Reasons To Own a Black Cat


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A QUESTION FOR YOU:  Are YOU superstitious of black cats? Do you have one in your home?


17 Reasons to Own a Black Cat


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18 thoughts on “17 Reasons to Own a Black Cat”

  1. When my white cat died, I felt bad and said ‘No more cats.’ But a year later I started having dreams about cats. In the last one, I dreamed I was at my new apartment, waiting for the movers, and had a little black kitten in my hand which was purring as I stroked it until it looked around at me and said,’When I’m as big as you, I’m going to catch chickens!’ and I started laughing in my dream and I laughed myself awake; only time that’s ever happened to me and I said to myself, ‘Ok, ok, I’m a cat fancier’ and sure enough, that very day, a little black kitten named Fancy showed up from the SPCA .

  2. Sometimes, black cats have black claws, which may make the claws not so easy to take care of. About half of our feral colony was black at its height; at one point, Parker had the only pink nose among the black cats, grey cats, and black-and-white cats with black noses.

  3. So sad that people believe superstitions to the detriment of these beautiful animals! My human would LOVE to own a black cat. Especially because they are ninjas. (She says that all of the time btw – I’m always looking over my shoulder thinking that there is a ninja cat close by). Great post!

  4. I did own one 10 years ago. She died from a impacted bowel. She continued to eat and everything. I can’t bring myself to get another black cat. She was my world.


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