5 Fantastic Underwater Adventures to Explore

Check out these fantastic underwater adventures from around the world.

Five Fantastic Underwater Adventures Guest Writer:  Ibtisaam Ganief Not all of life’s great adventures take place on dry land. For those who enjoy venturing into the unknown depths of our oceans or snorkeling above the fish and coral below know this all too well. Whether you’re spending your holiday at a beach resort in Dubai … Read more

Guide to Feline Obesity

Guide to feline obesity shows that lack of activity can cause your cat to gain weight, and obesity can be harm health and quality of life.

A Guide to Feline Obesity Guest Author:  Peter Scully Cats can be lazy creatures when they find a warm, comfy spot to sleep the day away in. This sounds like a pleasant enough life for any animal, but it can have its drawbacks if it goes too far. Lack of activity can lead cats to … Read more

What is Doga Anyway? Yoga for Dogs

What is Doga? Dog Yoga

So, What is Doga, You Ask? Doga (as in “Dog Yoga”) is the practice of practicing doing yoga with pet dogs. Doga practitioners seek to achieve a greater harmony with their dogs through acts of meditation, gentle massage, and stretching. Canine acupuncture and chanting are also known to take place within the occasional Doga routine. … Read more

Dog Park Guidelines You Should Know

dog park guidelines

Dog Park Guidelines Written by Guest Writer:  Matt Rhoney Dogs are complex creatures. People love them for it. Dogs display many of the traits we as humans often seek to display: honesty, loyalty, joyfulness, and being free-spirited. They also do some things we’d be ashamed of: getting worked up over minor things, losing their cool … Read more

5 Ways Your Garden May Actually Be Killing Bees

How Your Garden May Actually Be Killing Bees

How Your Garden May Actually Be Killing Bees Guest Writer:  Julieane Hernandez Insecticides in the garden may be effective in killing insects that damage your plants. However, they may also affect the bees, the butterflies, and other friendly organisms that live in the same area. Strong chemicals that make up insecticides are the culprit. Exposing … Read more