6 Reasons Why Rescuing a Dog is Way Better Than Buying One

6 Benefits of Dog Rescue

Did you know that approximately 17 million new pets will be welcomed into people’s homes across the United States this year?  Of those, some will be purchased from breeders and pet stores, and others will be rescued from pet shelters. Unfortunately, shelters pets and rescue dogs have acquired an undeserved bad reputation.  Some people believe … Read more

4 Symptoms to Look for after Adopting a Dog

4 Symptoms to Look for after adopting a dog

Symptoms to Look for after Adopting a Dog Everyone wants to bring a new canine companion into a happy and healthy household. You’ve prepped the house for your furry new friend, but one part of maintaining that healthy household that is often overlooked is watching out for symptoms of canine ailments in those first crucial … Read more