How Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life

Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life

Adopting a dog was probably the best decision I ever made, and it definitely changed my life for the better. Everyone loves dogs, and they are not called men’s best friend by chance. Many people become happy at the mere sight of a lovely pup walking down the street. There is something about them that is so fascinating to us that researchers and psychologists have tried to figure out for years.

How Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life
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There are many proven benefits of having a dog for your mental and physical health. It will influence many parts of your daily life, including your social behavior and personal schedule when caring for a new dog. Whether you will adopt a puppy or rescue an adult dog, the love you will receive will be endless and will eventually change your life.

How Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life

Empathy and Compassion

Humans feel empathy for dogs on another level than they do for people. Canines cannot talk and express their feelings, so communicating with non-verbal beings is a form of compassion, trying to understand their needs. This is especially helpful for children that are just learning what empathy means.

The compassion we feel for dogs is the same that we feel for babies. We try to protect them and give them anything that they need to feel healthy and happy. You will learn to control your emotions appropriately, and you will learn to forgive. You cannot stay angry with a dog, and yelling at him won’t do any good anyway.

Even if your dog can’t talk to you, he is a master when it comes to reading your emotions and feelings. Dogs can probably better communicate with us than we can with them. You will bond with your dog and with a great relationship comes understanding.


When caring for another living being that ultimately depends on you, you will learn responsibility skills that could only come with the choice of parenting a pet. You have no other option than to consider your dog’s needs at all times. I didn’t have that sense of responsibility before when only living by myself.

Having a dog teaches you many things about life, and you find out that not everything is about you. It will be your responsibility to find out what the best diet for your dog is, which vet to visit, how to train a dog, how to meet your dog’s needs, and so much more.

Adopting the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

Social Life

Owning a dog is the number one conversation starter! You will meet a lot of people that are super interested in the breed or who are just asking to pet him. Other dog owners will begin a conversation with you about training or their own experiences with their dogs.

If you are usually an introvert, you won’t have any choice when buying a pup other than to get outside. During the socialization period, you will have to let your young puppy experience as many situations as possible to boost his confidence. You must prepare him for his new environment, including other dogs, people, places, and sounds.

In my case, going to puppy play sessions two times a week was the best decision for us, and we are still going there. You will meet a whole new social circle and maybe even decide to volunteer your time for an animal shelter.

How Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life
Image: Image by Guidy Willekens from Pixabay

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is essential but often forgotten. To live a healthy and long life, your dog will need regular exercise, including mental and physical stimulation. Depending on your dog’s breed, this might range from two hours to several hours of daily exercise.

Having a dog will help you to stay fit! If you don’t meet your dog’s exercise needs, destructive behaviors may occur, which means you shouldn’t skip a walk. As healthy as exercise is for your dog, it’s also good for you. Only 30 minutes of exercise a day is not enough to significantly decrease the risk of diseases like cancer or diabetes.

Exercise helps build a strong immune system and help you have good quality sleep at night. Exercise decreases stress and releases endorphins while working out. Going for a walk or hike with your furry friend will be a lot of healthy fun!

Mental Health

Having a dog is exceptionally beneficial for your mental health. Getting outside of your comfort zone will keep negative thoughts away and depression at bay. You will never feel alone again with a dog that literally follows you to the bathroom.

I can guarantee you that your dog will make you smile — a lot. Dog ownership is so much fun, and seeing his happy face every day is the best. Dogs are always optimistic and never worry about anything. Understanding the lifestyle and characteristics of a dog is truly inspiring.

Whatever you go through in life, your dog will stay loyal and by your side without question. You won’t find this selfless love anywhere else!


“How Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life”

Guest Writer: Danielle Mühlenberg is working as a full-time blogger and dog trainer in Germany. She shares weekly tips on dog training and behavior on her blog, Danielle enjoys daily hikes with her young Rottweiler. Sharing her passion for dogs and helping owners solve problems through understanding canine behavior and modification is her number one goal.



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  1. I was suffering from anxiety and left my job last month. I start talking, playing and spending more and more time with my dog and found a fresh mornings, easy days and calm evenings.

    • Ah, tell me about it. I got a German Shepherd puppy 3 months ago. What the heck was I thinking? I’m too old for this. I’d forgotten how much work it is, and time-consuming too. All my art projects are on hold for a while. She’s 5 months old now and I hear they don’t settle down until 18 months or older. Oof. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Lindsay. I appreciate you and your comments.

  2. I know this is a small thing, but I talk to my dog in another language and this helps me speak better. I imagine that can also help anyone with a speech impediment. My dog doesn’t judge.

    • Maureen, I don’t think talking to your dog in another language is a small thing at all. I find it very interesting. Do you speak to him (her?) in that language all the time in that he understands commands and such? What language are you speaking? I’m so curious. 🙂 I like to know things.


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