Considering Adopting a Dog? Is Your Family Ready?

Are you Considering Adopting a Dog?

You’re considering adopting a dog. Pet adoption is a huge responsibility. It’s also one of the most amazing things you’ll be able to do with your life. Before you adopt, though, you should stop and think about the following four factors.

Consider Your History

Start by thinking about where you are in life right now. Do you have a baby that is going to take up most of your time? A roommate who doesn’t like dogs? Someone in the house who has allergies? It’s always a good idea to stop to think about the history of everyone who lives in your home and how they will react to the new member of the family.

Look at Your Schedule

Dogs take quite a bit of time out of your schedule. They are living creatures that need your love and care, and most don’t do well being left alone all day. If you adopt a puppy, you will need to be able to dedicate a significant amount of time to ensure that the dog is adequately trained and socialized. If you are adopting an older dog, you’ll need to make sure you can afford to spend the time making sure that he or she gets exercise and time with you.

Adopting the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

Look at Your Bank Account

Adopting a dog is usually cheaper than buying from a breeder or a pet store, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be cheap. Take a moment to look at your finances to figure out if you have enough extra money to take care of a dog. You’re going to want to factor in not just the cost of adoption, but also the expenses related to vet care. Depending on the breed, you might even want to think about whether you can afford a personal injury attorney in case there is an incident involving your dog. There can be a lot of unexpected expenses that come along with a dog, so plan for those just as you would for your own children.

Think about Your Job

One of the hardest parts of having a dog is having to deal with significant changes in your lifestyle. Take a moment to look at your current job situation and figure out if you feel secure. If you think that you’re going to be able to stay in one place for the next few years—or if your moving options are dog-friendly—you may well be ready to adopt a dog.

Always remember to put some thought in when considering adopting a dog. If you don’t have the time, energy, or money to adopt, it might be better to wait. If you can look at the factors above and come away with positive answers, though, it might just be the right time to get a dog.

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