5 Important Items Dog Owners Always Forget About

5 items dog owners always forget.

5 Important Items Dog Owners Always Forget About

It’s always frustrating to get stuck without something you need at the last minute. Unfortunately, this happens to dog owners all too often! You can prevent a bit of frustration by making sure you always have these commonly forgotten items on hand.

Deodorizing Shampoo

When your dog comes in smelling like a swamp, you don’t want to be scrambling around the house, desperately trying to find something that will make him tolerable to be around. Keeping a bottle of deodorizing shampoo on hand ensures you don’t have to make a last-minute trip to the pet store or pray that a home remedy works the next time your dog decides to roll in something stinky.

Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags

If you’re an eco-conscious pet owner, you’re always reminding yourself to purchase some biodegradable pet waste bags so you don’t feel like you’re destroying the planet each time you take your dog for a walk – but then you forget them and end up using a plastic bag instead. Purchase a pack of biodegradable bags from a brand like Flush Dog or BioBag, and keep them in a little clip-on carrier on your dog’s leash so you always have them on hand.

A Thermometer

You call your vet because your dog has been feeling a bit under the weather. The vet asks for your dog’s temperature, and you have no idea because you forgot to pick up a thermometer, once again. Today’s pet thermometers are a lot easier to use than the rectal thermometers of yesteryear. There are several models that allow you to take the dog’s temperature in the ear. Put one in your first aid kit, and the next time your dog is looking ill, you’ll be able to give your vet more precise information.

A Harness

If your dog pulls a lot on walks, a harness can prevent him from putting too much strain on his neck. Have a well-fitted harness on hand and bring it with you when you go on walks, so that when your dog decides to have an “assertive day,” you can put the harness on and keep walking instead of calling it quits early.

Dog Booties or Socks

When the temperature rises, you wish you could take your dog for a walk, but then you worry about his paws burning on the hot pavement, so you stay inside. A pair of dog booties or socks comes in really handy in situations like this! They’re also handy when it’s super cold outside or there is salt in the driveway that you don’t want touching your dog’s paws. Make sure you look for booties with a thick, heat resistant bottom, not ones made from thin, knit material.

Take a trip to the pet store, and add these five items to your pet care collection today. It’s far better to have them on hand when they’re needed, rather than having to run out and purchase them at the last minute or go without.

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