Bladder Stone Removal From Raven the Dog

Bladder Stone Removal From Raven, All is Well Now

Bladder Stone Removal from Raven Last month I received an email from a reader of Animal Bliss named Marty. He had recently seen an  article on my blog about a bladder stone removal from another dog. His dog, Raven, was suffering from a very large bladder stone and he was unsure whether he wanted to … Read more

Kate Crosgrove – Pet Portrait Artist

Kate Crosgrove - Pet Portrait Artist

Kate Crosgrove – Pet Portrait Artist Brooklyn, New York, USA Kate Crosgrove enjoys, but is not limited to, painting oversized oil portraits of animals. She likes to call them “Elevated Pet Portraits”. She considers her style a loose photorealism, working from photographs and letting her own understanding of the animal’s personality show whenever possible.   … Read more

Choosing a Dog for Your Children

When choosing a dog for your children, there are many things you need to consider..

Choosing a Dog for Your Children Dogs make wonderful companions. They can be especially good if you have children. Numerous studies show that having a dog in the home while your children are growing up benefits them greatly. They have a stronger immune system, are more confident, and usually grow up into caring and thoughtful … Read more

Top Tips For Pitbull Owners

This top tips for pitbull owners.

Top Tips For Pitbull Owners Guest Writer: D E Bradley Pitbull ownership can be a roller coaster ride with unexpected obstacles and plenty of high points – but those high points only come along if you are a committed, responsible and realistic owner. This means acknowledging the middle ground. Not all pitbulls are aggressive monsters, … Read more

Wildlife Preservation : Success Stories and Failures

Wildlife Preservation, Amur Leopard

Wildlife Preservation Stories of Successes and Failures This infographic outlines areas of wildlife preservation where we have been successful, preservation battles we are losing, and battles we have already lost. Animals such as Tasmanian Tiger have been extinct since 1936 and there is nothing we can do about it, so let’s hope the same doesn’t … Read more