Bladder Stone Removal From Raven the Dog

Bladder Stone Removal from Raven

Last month I received an email from a reader of Animal Bliss named Marty. He had recently seen an  article on my blog about a bladder stone removal from another dog. His dog, Raven, was suffering from a very large bladder stone and he was unsure whether he wanted to put him through surgery or not.

Marty wrote:

I very thankful I came across your website, and for posting the Huge Bladder Stone Removed From Dog [surgery video]. That helped me make up my mind right away because I was being told to buy pills to help with the bladder stone.

As a result, Raven had her bladder stone removed.  I asked Marty to send photos, and he did. Here is Raven post-surgery with a cone, looking a little dozy still perhaps. But the surgery went very well.

Bladder Stone Removed From Raven, All is Well Now
Raven post surgery

Here is a picture of the bladder stone that was removed.

Bladder Stone Removed From Raven, All is Well Now
Raven’s bladder stone

Today I received another email from Marty saying:

She is back to normal but her age is trying to get the best of her.  She stumbled playing Frisbee and pulled a muscle in her leg. I had to take it away because she still wanted to play hobbling around on 3 legs.

Bladder Stone Removed From Raven, All is Well Now
Raven today

Raven is looking good, isn’t she? It sounds like she still has a lot of spirit.

Here she is with her housemate, Max.  Max is a rescue dog.  They got Raven a year later as a playmate for him.

Bladder Stone Removed From Raven, All is Well Now
Raven and friend

Marty says, “Again, I can’t thank you enough!!!!!”

And there you have it. I wanted to post her pictures to share another successful canine bladder stone removal with you. Here is the link again:  Huge Bladder Stone Removed From Dog, which is a video of an actual bladder stone surgery.


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Do you have a dog that had his bladder stone removed?
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5 thoughts on “Bladder Stone Removal From Raven the Dog”

  1. That is a huge stone!! My cat, Sammy had 4 stones removed recently, but they were sent out to see if they were calcium or the other kind, we are still waiting to find out. He has idiopathic hypercalcemia though so they probably were calcium, he is now on special food.

    • I just looked up idiopathic hypercalcemia. Aww poor kitty. Luckily he’s got you to take such good care of him. It sounds like quite a serious disease of not tended to. All the best to you, Ellen. Thanks for commenting. Oh, let us know how it goes!

  2. wow that is huge!My last Pet Bunny had Bladder stones but the surgery is to dangerous for rabbits so we had to manage his condition with Pain meds and supplement extra water with a syringe.He live till he was 8 and a half,xx Rachel

    • Hi Rachel. Your bunny lived a long time! I don’t actually know what their lifespan is, but that sounds elderly. Did the meds and extra water do anything to dissolve the stones? Thanks for stopping by!


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