Huge Bladder Stone Removed From Dog [Surgery Video]

Huge Bladder Stone Removed From Dog

This homeless dog was found to have an incredibly large bladder stone. It was the size of a bar of soap and took up the entire space in the bladder, blocking it completely.

The pup would likely die if surgery was not performed. Problem was, being homeless, she had no one to pay for the surgery.

Luckily, the folks at Vet Ranch Rescue kindly stepped in to help.  Dr. Matt of the Vet Ranch removed the stone it, saving the dog’s life.

WARNING:  Below is a video of the huge bladder stone removed from dog. Don’t watch if you get weak at the knees. (It’s pretty cool, though.)

If you didn’t watch the video because you can’t stand to watch that kind of thing, here is an image of the actual stone that came out of this little girl pup. Wow, right?

Huge Bladder Stone Removed From Dog, Graphic Surgery Video
Vet Ranch Rescue

About Vet Ranch Rescue

Dr. Matt Carriker is a veterinarian licensed in Texas. He founded Vet Ranch Inc., a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt non-profit organization, funded solely by their viewers’ generous donations.  Whether it’s $1 or $1000, your (PayPal) donation is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.  All donations go directly to the cost of treatment for the animals.

Visit Vet Ranch Rescue to find out how you can help save more animals like this one! You can also follow them on Facebook for more stories, pics, and information on current animals Dr. Matt and his team are working on.  Vet Ranch is now working with rescue groups who have dogs and cats waiting for treatment.

You can also follow Vet Ranch Rescue on YouTube.


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21 thoughts on “Huge Bladder Stone Removed From Dog [Surgery Video]”

  1. Thank you for sharing this story and so many others. It helped me to add them to my long donations list. I just lost my treasured female Staffie and had to watch her last couple hours in pain and fright with no veterinary help at 3am. So I recognise the value of such centers, equipment and professionals to rescue animals in need. Keep up your amazing and selfless efforts. God bless.

    • Aww, thank you, David. I appreciate your kind words and I am sorry to hear about your beloved Staffie. That’s always so difficult, especially if you have to watch them suffer with no help in sight. Thank you for visiting Animal Bliss and I do hope you’ll visit us again sometime. Peace

  2. We have a dog with 3 stones the size of silver dollars and a few much smaller. It looks like an operation will be necessary but we already had a dog die years ago of something similar but died from septic shock or post operative infection. How common is this with a bladder stone operation?

  3. This is great stuff, and nice of you to share. Dr Dobias from Canada has great products and free advice on holistic help for healthy dogs, in the long run with our rescues it has saved money and heartache. As for stones any vet worth their weight will guide you well through surgery and quickly resolving these issues. An owner should not feel bad if they take their dog to the vet and the vet misses something, they should know how to talk to the owner and check a dog out and discuss options and issues faced today and in the near future. As for diet and supplements you need an experienced vet who is practical and more holistic and open to discussion, use human grade products it really matters in quality control. It makes all the difference, we have a 13, 14 & 15 year old rescues. Each with issues, but folks say they do not look their age. See you will want to share his free info and they answer questions for free by email and very kind.

  4. Thank you for the Video. I have a 13yr old Black Lab and just found out she has a Bladder Stone the size of a bar of soap. Now I feel so bad because never thought to have her checked for a stone, because she drinks so much water. Now have to find a Vet and have it removed. I will updated later.
    Thanks again,

  5. wow, I thought the dog had swallowed a bar of soap. It must have been in so much pain. I am sure glad it was found and saved. Thank you for sharing that video. That was very educational.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Yes, indeed, that bladder stone looked like a bar of soap, which would have been bad too. I’m glad it’s all taken care of now, at least. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Come back soon. 😉

  6. Fascinating video, wow! Wasn’t it wonderful to see her at the end of the video taking some treats and knowing that she’s going to be feeling so much better? Thanks for sharing her story.

    • I thought the bladder stone surgery video was fascinating too. I wasn’t sure if a lot of people would look or not. Yes, it’s great to see this little pup enjoying some treats at the end of it all. Thanks for your visit!

  7. How ironic. I have to take my Pug in tomorrow for tests for this. She has had blood in her urine for almost a month on and off and we just finished trying 2nd antibiotic. SO now it means a stone vet said……and looking at this poor dog’s, omg I can’t wait for my furkid’s tests to be done. And they are right, if they have these issues, they will not go potty in same area, they find different places to go. Thanks for this post. Now I see how serious it can be. Will let you know how it goes.

    • Yes, please do let me know how it goes, Jennifer. Hopefully our Pug’s stone(s), if that’s what the issue is, are not as large as this one. Ouch! I’m so happy that you found my post, and look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for stopping by. Take care!


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