Wildlife Preservation : Success Stories and Failures

Wildlife Preservation

Stories of Successes and Failures

This infographic outlines areas of wildlife preservation where we have been successful, preservation battles we are losing, and battles we have already lost. Animals such as Tasmanian Tiger have been extinct since 1936 and there is nothing we can do about it, so let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to the Amur Leopard. Find out more about animals we need to save in the infographic, produced by AnyPest.ca

Wildlife Preservation, Amur Leopard - www.animalbliss.com
Amur Leopard

Conservation Stories: Successes & Failures in Wildlife Preservation

Wildlife Preservation Graphic Source:  AnyPest.ca


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Amur Leopard - www.animalbliss.com
Photo: Art G, Flickr – Amur Leopard


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