How to Introduce CBD to Your Dog Safely and Effectively

How to Introduce CBD to Your Dog

Cannabidiol benefits grow in range with every passing day. Just the other day, its use became legal, and now, people are aiming at using the same on their dogs.  Well, dogs and human beings are both classified as mammals. Therefore, there is not much change in the effects of CBD on dogs from what the product has on a human being. However, this is a huge assumption. You can never use it as a base to offer CBD to your dog. So how to introduce CBD to your dog safely and effectively? Keep reading to find out.

How to Introduce CBD to Your Dog Safely and Effectively
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Seek and verify information on CBD use

Pet owners are now seeking more information on whether legalized marijuana is applicable for use on their pets. Even though legalization has allowed veterinarians to conduct more research on the subject, the use of cannabis sativa on dogs is still illegal in many states. According to the AVMA document released in January of 2018, CBD can be used to offer relief to pets and especially dogs.

How to Introduce CBD to Your Dog Safely and Effectively

Understand the difference between THC and CBD

Cannabis has many functions, and it becomes difficult to differentiate the essential elements from the inessential ones. As a pet owner, you are not an expert on CBD use. However, you can gain an understanding of what is harmful to your dog and what is not. THC is the compound found in many cannabis plants that bring about the psycho behavior for an animal as well as individuals. CBD, on the other hand, is the compound responsible for all the health benefits associated with the Sativa and Indica strains.

How to Introduce CBD to Your Dog Safely and Effectively

Medical conditions

It is essential to know why you should use CBD to bring relief to your dog. Dogs inhibit many of their conditions. Whenever they exhibit unusual behavior, are in pain, agitated or anxious, you should be able to tell. It will enable you to identify what is troubling your pet and take it to the vet.

Medical conditions that may find relief from CBD include:

  • Pain

Dogs suffer from cancer, and it can be painful. The pain results from surgeries conducted on the dog, the tumor, and the discomfort associated with it. CBD is said to interrupt this pain by cutting off communication between pain receptors and the brain. They provide an imbalance which profoundly interferes with the growing tumor getting rid of cancer. Besides, with the tumor gone, no more surgeries are needed.

  • Seizures and osteoarthritis

Even though it’s illegal, there is research already on its way to unraveling CBD interactions in regards to epilepsy and osteoarthritis in dogs. Results released in July of 2018 indicated that 89% of all the dogs present for the research had a drop in their regular seizures. In the treatment of osteoarthritis, the dogs had visible lameness after testing their joints. Results on this are yet to be released.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that also affects dogs. It occurs mainly iF the dog is in unfamiliar places, separated from its owner, is sick or in pain, among other things. Reviews done on the subject indicated that CBD does indeed have the capability to lower dogs’ anxiety levels considerably.

How to Introduce CBD to Your Dog Safely and Effectively
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Dosage for your dog

Particular medicine may affect dogs of different breeds or owners differently. Similarly, CBD affects each animal individually. To introduce CBD to your dog, veterinarians advise using the smallest level of dosage of CBD on your dog if it’s the first time using it. The dosage can be gradually increased with time depending on the dog’s reaction.

Remember, dogs, like humans, have different tolerance levels. The reaction period may range from 5 minutes to 96 hours from the time of administration of CBD. If no side effects are apparent after using CBD for a week, you can increase the dosage levels as advised by your vet.

Identifying the best CBD for your dog

Today, purchasing CBD from the shop is not the only option. The products come from different places, and due to the illegalities associated, synthetic formulas have made their way into the market which can land you in deep trouble. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that you receive a certified and quality product for your dog. You can do this by inquiring further on the products’ ingredients, possible studies or tests done using the cannabis compounds, and the source or farm.

CBD for Dogs: A Natural Option for When Your Dog is in Pain

Possible side effects

CBD is a new product you are introducing to your dog. It is vital to know the possible side effects that may come as a result. These side effects include:

  • The dog becoming drowsy
  • Increased tremors
  • Dog’s drooling mouth becomes dry
  • Diarrhea


Speak to your vet at all times about how your dog is reacting to CBD, what to expect and to be prepared for whatever comes after. CBD can be beneficial if taken in proper dosage and under the supervision of an expert.

CBD For Your Dog – Important Things You Should Know


“How to Introduce CBD to Your Dog Safely and Effectively”

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Do you offer CBD products to your pet(s)? Does it work for them?

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  1. What’s really funny is that I do give my dog CBD for some anxiety and behavior issues, and yes, it does work to calm him down a lot. Now, the funny part is that whenever I smoke a joint, whether inside or outside, my dog is right by my side, and not because I have food, but because it actually loves the pot smoke. I have caught him, several times now, purposely putting his face in the smoke. I could not believe it, but it actually seems like my dog loves getting baked with me! Is this possible? and if so, is it healthy?

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been looking for information on CBD oil for dogs. I have a friend who swears up and down about the benefits of it. However, I’ve never really understood the difference between CBD and THC.

    My in-laws have an older Labrador Retriever that has a lot of joint pain. I’ll definitely have them read this article so they can decide if it’s the best way to help relieve some of her pain.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.


    • Hi, Susan. I just visited your site and read your article about why pugs drool. I learned a bunch. As for CBD for dogs, I recommend it for both people and dogs. It helps me sleep at night and calms down my Restless Legs. I also give it to my hyperactive GSD when she’s not looking like she’s going to slow down anytime soon. Especially when it’s suppposed to be bedtime. I’ll give her a couple drops of hemp oil and she sleeps the night through now. Take care! Jeanne


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