Pomsky Dog Breed – The Cute Cross-Breed that Probably Isn’t for You

Pomsky Dog Breed

~ It’s Probably Not For You ~

Guest Author: David Anderson

You’ve probably seen the Pomsky somewhere.  This adorably cute cross-breed between the Pomeranian and the Husky has taken the internet by storm.  Fluffy, cute, and very photogenic, the Pomsky dog breed has gone from complete obscurity to the fastest growing dog cross-breed in the United Sates.

It seems like everyone wants one, and several celebrities have gotten their own.  It’s very common for a first-time viewer to react with “I want one!” However, before you go out and search for a breeder near you, please consider the following four points.

Pomsky Dog Breed – The Cute Cross-Breed that Probably Isn’t for You
Photo Credit: Oso – Armando Gurrola, (Used with Permission)

There is Very Little Breed History

Started just five years ago, by a couple of breeders in Arizona, this unnatural cross requires that a female Husky be artificially inseminated by a male Pomeranian to create a first generation Pomsky Dog Breed. Most bred Pomskies today are still first generation dogs, which means that their genetic make-up can vary widely from puppy to puppy.  Some Pomskies have mostly Husky characteristics while others are much more similar to their Pomeranian parent.

It’s difficult to tell exactly how big or small a Pomsky will be until they are full grown.  So many people thinking they are getting a tiny husky, end up with a 40-lb. dog.  If you aren’t ready to have a dog on either end of the spectrum, maybe this isn’t the breed for you.

Pomskies are High Energy

You might not know it from the pictures and videos of the fluffy puppies, but the Pomsky is a very high-energy dog.  Their Siberian Husky ancestry ensures that they are always ready to work, and are most happy having a job to do.  A neglected Pomsky who doesn’t receive the proper amount of exercise every day can become bored and destructive.  Make sure if you are considering a Pomsky you have the time, energy and space, to give it the exercise it needs.

Pomsky Puppies Grow Up

Most people’s first exposure to the Pomsky sees pictures of the cute puppies.  Some websites and articles even claim that the pomsky stays that size its whole life.  That’s not the case.  While some Pomskies do remain relatively small (10-15 lbs.) most grow up to be larger, and some grow to over 40-lbs.

Regardless of how large they grow, though, they don’t always look like puppies and that “puppy cuteness” wears off.  If you are only interested in having a cute puppy and haven’t considered the next 10-15 years on the adult dog’s life, then reconsider getting a Pomsky.

Pomskies are Expensive

Due to the surging popularity of the breed, Pomskies are in high demand.  Right now, there are way more people who want to buy one than there are Pomskies available from the small number of breeders., which means that the price to buy a Pomsky is very high.  A recent study by Pomsky Central showed that the average price paid by Pomsky owners was over $2,500 for their puppy, making the Pomsky dog breed one of the most expensive dogs in the world.  Unless you are ready to shell out a significant amount of money, consider adopting a different breed.


Pomsky Dog Breed – The Cute Cross-Breed that Probably Isn’t for You

David Anderson is a published author and Dog Expert. He is an expert on dog cross-breeds and has published three books about different mixes. David helps run the website PomskyCentral.com as a lead writer and contributor.Guest Author Bio: David Anderson is a published author and Dog Expert. He is an expert on dog cross-breeds and has published three books about different mixes. David helps run the website PomskyCentral.com as a lead writer and contributor. In his free time he likes to spend time with his 3-year-old puppy Buddy.

Website: http://pomskycentral.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PomskyCentral/


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8 thoughts on “Pomsky Dog Breed – The Cute Cross-Breed that Probably Isn’t for You”

  1. This Pomsky breed of dog is rarely available. There are many breed dogs. but in future and in forecast value of only rare breed dogs will be there which are going to be priceless in future. Dog owner if planning for a new dog just go for 1 time a pomsky dog and feeling the amazingness of such important breed.

    • Yes, Pomskies are cute, Ashley. However, I plead for people to adopt abandoned and neglected dogs over dogs that are bred for profit. There are so many animals in need already. Certainly, there must be homeless pomskies too?

  2. Pomsky dog breed are dogs of cool nature. if you are having kids at home and want a silent loving dog. I can bet you that pomsky dogs are safe dogs for your kids.

  3. No worries…. I crosspost a lot for rescues Jeanne and it was ‘one of those days’ I adore the way these little crossbreeds look too. As you know though , where there is money to be made people do some inhumane things sometimes.
    I like your blog, and it is one I keep wanting to comment on and happened to have a bit of time.

    • Ellen, I agree with you that some people follow the money without regard to what is right and humane. I advocate adopting over buying too. There are far too many animals at rescues just wanting and needing to be loved. Sigh.

  4. I agree fully about knowing what you are getting.
    Now, this is my opinion… whenever the new ‘crossbreed’ comes up there are way too many non ethical breeders out there. They might not be breeding for the best qualities, nor even care. Some breeds go together better than others, and even though some have been recognized (like a labradoodle) most havent. This is not a breed a pomsky is merely a name for two dogs bred and in this case unnaturally unless they are restraining the female, which I do not even want to think about.
    A husky is a challenging dog, it needs a job, exercise etc. If the pup gets more husky traits it sure isnt going to be that little fluff ball you bought.
    PLEASE adopt dont shop.

    • Thank you for your input, Ellen. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and beliefs. The author of this post does state that Pompskies are challenging, and do grow up from being a cute little fuzz ball. Take care! 🙂


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