How I Took Help from my Pooch to Get a Perfect Date

How I Took Help from my Pooch to Get a Perfect Date

A Dog Owner’s Personal Memoir

A pooch is not only the best friend of human beings, but is also the means of finding everlasting love for their owners. It is amazing to find the different ways dogs can enlighten the lives of their owners. In this write-up; let us look at the different opportunities that your pet creates to find you a perfect soul mate.

How I Took Help from my Pooch to Get a Perfect Date

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.”

     – Thom Jones

The author of this quote is a true pet lover of his own kind because he saw the love in the eyes of pooches and understood that the sole purpose of tykes is to shower unconditional love towards human beings. This very reason makes us remember these furry pals as man’s best friend. But their job is not merely protecting you and showering love towards you, but recently it has been found that they can even be helpful in getting you a perfect date.

Probably now you would be throwing your hands up in the air and saying “I am a pro in the dating world.” If that is the case, then there is no need for you to go through this piece of write-up because you have already aced the tips and tricks given in this write-up and probably would have attracted your object of attraction.

But if you are still a loner and are finding it difficult to find a perfect date; you have come at the right place. Believe us, your four-legged friend can be the perfect companion that you need to spice up your dating life. If you do not believe us then look at the statistics of an online survey given below. This survey was taken early this year and it will open your eyes and make you aware of the untapped resource that you have at your disposal.

  • 33% people would like to speak or meet with someone who has a pet in their dating website profile picture
  • 54% of people found that their pooch act as an ice breaker in starting a conversation with the opposite sex
  • 63% of people are likely to date a person that owns a pet
  • 88% of them believe that dogs are great to assist in meeting new people

In addition to this, it was also found that dogs release a feel-good hormone in humans when in contact consisting of high levels of oxytocins that acts a love hormone. This makes our conception even more clear that your furry friend is a doorway to finding your soul mate. So if you are about to enter the dating world, take your pooch along and in all likelihood you will be reciprocated with puppy love.

Let us now look at some of the benefits of having your pooch get you the big date:

More public exposure

Getting you to ace the dating game is the core objective of your tyke. Once you take him for regular walks, visit to dog parks or pet-friendly restaurants you end up interacting with more people, which gives you a further chance to get close to your perfect soul mate. When your prospective partner approaches you, your canine will charm them to make your day.

Add a profile picture with your furry pal on social networking sites

If you wish to pursue romantic interests on different social networking sites or online dating sites the best way to go forward is by including your pooch in the profile picture. This will make you enter the good books of the opposite sex. Find the best picture and post it on your profile today and give new wings to your love life.

Select dating sites that favor dog owners

There are various online dating sites in our country that allow dog owners to find fellow owners for different types of relationships from friendship to romantic endeavors. Once you have registered on the online site rely on the taste of your potential date because they too have a tyke. Attend pet-friendly events so that you can learn more about the other person before committing further.

Letting your pooch select the best out of the lot

Once you start dating bring the date home so that he/she can meet your furry pal. Then look at the ways your tyke and the date react in front of each other. If your dog reacts abnormally consider it to be a red flag which means no further dates with that person. But if you are confused whether to take the person on another date look for the reaction from your furry pal and things will work out fine in the end.

Now you know why dogs are regarded as a perfect companion. They open the floodgates of opportunities for you. Due to this very reason, they have a huge role to play in your social and romantic lives. Hence, dogs and human beings are captioned as inseparable. So when are you planning to take help from your furry pal to attract your object of affection?

Author Bio: Taya Burnett

This guest blog has been contributed by Taya Burnett, a pet enthusiast and digital marketing strategist at VetSupply who loves writing about interesting pieces of information. Having seen a lot of youngsters in our country look for potential soul mates gave me this idea of creating a write-up solely for the benefit of dog owners who are looking for a perfect date. Hence, I integrated some ideas which would assist them to utilize their tyke to attract the opposite sex and spice up their love life.


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  1. Great post, Jeanne! When I broke up with my ex, I was confused as to where to start dating again. I began to rely on my pup to help me meet people. It worked wonders 🙂


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