4 Toys to Transform Your Home into a Cat Haven

Transform Your Home into a Cat Haven

Cats need exercise, but letting them run around outside is problematic at best. Outdoor cats have significantly shorter life spans than do indoor cats. But an inactive cat gradually becomes a fat cat, and a bored cat often becomes a naughty or destructive cat. Toys are a good way to keep an indoor cat entertained and active. Here are some possibilities:

4 toys to transform your home into a cat haven.

1.  Laser Pointers

Cats love laser pointers. Most cats have a strong hunting instinct which means they love to chase things — including small red dots. Some laser pointers come with rotating lenses that change the dot into a specific image like a mouse or fish. The laser is weak enough to not hurt the cat’s eyes. It can, however, be a frustrating toy for cats simply because they can never truly catch the laser. Some experts therefore recommend having the cat “catch” a tangible toy like a catnip mouse at the end of a session with the laser pointer.

2.  Cat Wands

Cat wands or cat teasers look a bit like small fishing poles and have a brightly-colored lure at one end. Like the laser pointer, they are interactive toys that require the owner’s participation. Cat wands are also like laser pointers in that the idea is to encourage the cat to chase something. Unlike laser pointers, they can give the cat the satisfaction of actually catching its “prey.”

3.  Cat Circuits

The Catit Design Sense Play Circuit (eligible for Discountrue coupons) lets the cat chase and swat at a flashing colored ball down a curving track. The track comes in pieces that can be assembled in multiple ways, and the customer may buy additional tracks to make the set-up larger and more complicated.

4.  Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are also popular—but only about 50% of cats are actually sensitive to catnip. It is also an “adults only” toy, for kittens don’t develop the sensitivity until they’re between 3 and 6 months old. The smell of catnip is believed to mimic pheromones that influence mood and make the cat very happy. Cats under the influence will roll around, rub against things, and basically act oddly. The effects generally wear off after about ten minutes, at which point the cat will probably stop playing with the catnip toy.

There are many other cat toys around, ranging from balls to crinkle toys. No matter how lazy or picky a cat is, there is bound to be a toy it enjoys playing with. It’s just a question of finding that toy.

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4 Toys to Transform Your Home into a Cat Haven
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  1. My cats Love empty cardboard boxes! I’ve got a couple big ones that have a couple random “head holes” and they seem to enjoy them ☺️


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