30 Fun Facts About Dogs

30 Fun Facts About Dogs

30 fun facts about dogs
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For those of us who know and love dogs, there is always something new to learn about them.  Enjoy this cool infographic I came across that shares  some fun facts about dogs you might not have been aware of.

Interesting dog facts- Canadavetexpress.com

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11 thoughts on “30 Fun Facts About Dogs”

  1. I think that the most interesting dog fact above is the one about the nose print. I never knew that their noses could have their own print and be identified that way just like humans can with finger prints. Now that I know this, I definitely think that nose prints should be recorded so that shelters can help owners to get their lost pets back.

  2. did not know some of these things, i pinned it. strange abt the tail wag though. my dogs hug me and love to be hugged. there are minuature horses that are trained as blind dogs in the us. i have seen them in some stores b4.


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