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Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix

Looking for the perfect lap dog? Maybe a cute Chiweenie is perfect for you. Chiweenies are low maintenance, lovable and cheerful. Sounds like the ultimate tiny dog.

What are Chiweenies?

Chiweenies are a relatively new dog breed, developed in the late 1990s in order to minimize the back problems Dachshunds are usually prone to. Therefore, Chiweenies are a cross between a purebred Chihuahua and a Dachshund. Because of their size and comical parentage, they have many hilarious nicknames, including “Mexican Hotdog” and ”German Taco”.

Chiweenies : Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix
Laura Smith, Flickr: Chuck & Toby

What do they look like?

As you can probably guess, like their Dachshund ancestors, Chiweenies have a long body and short, stocky legs, but the length of the body is a bit shorter thanks to the Chihuahua genes. From Chihuahuas, they also get large eyes and ears, and a shorter snout than a Dachshund.

As it is not truly a pure breed, Chiweenies can differ very much in size and face. They are a generally varied half-breed, but it is these two characteristics that most often set them apart. The head of a Chiweenie depends on dominating genomes. For example, it can be either pointed and long, just like a Dachshund’s or slightly shorter like a Chihuahua’s. The ears are a fascinating trait of every Chiweenie! They can be large and upright, or long and held to the side of the face.

Chiweenies: Chihuahua and Dachshund Breed Mix -
Teresa Stanton, Flickr

Since they have a smooth short coat, Chiweenie dogs are a perfect choice for people prone to allergies.  On the other hand, those who love furry dogs will be pleased to hear that long-haired Chiweenies aren’t that uncommon because both Chihuahuas and Dachshunds can have long and silky fur. The choice of color, as usual, depends on the parents. A Chiweenie’s fur can be any color, ranging from sandy blonde to Dachshund black and brown.

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What about grooming necessities?

Because their coat is most often short and sleek, Chiweenies can be maintained with the most basic pet grooming supplies. It just takes a simple weekly brushing to collect loose hair, though since their coat is dense, transitional periods will mean a lot of shedding all around the house. Patting them down during their daily walk should be enough to get rid of most loose hair. They should take baths as rarely as once a month, as they do not have an unpleasant odor, and too many baths will make their furless dense. Since Chiweenies, like Chihuahuas, are prone to serious dental deterioration, you need to brush their teeth regularly in order to prevent such problems.

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Possible health problems

Although Chiweenies are commonly healthy dogs, they have inherited some of their parents’ health issues, including allergies to dust and pollen, diabetes, hypoglycemia, dental problems, and degenerative disc diseases, which may affect their legs and neck. Like a Chihuahua, a Chiweenie also has an unnaturally small stomach, which can be the cause of numerous health problems. On the other hand, you cannot safely conclude that some of these health issues will affect your Chiweenie as well. You just need to be aware that such risks always exist and organize regular trips to the vet.

Chiweenies: Chihuahua and Dachshund Breed Mix -
Photo: Melinda, Flickr


If you are looking for a loving and lively lap dog, a Chiweenie is definitely a good choice for you. What you cannot expect of them, however, is a friendly stance toward other people, and children in particular. Aggression is a common trait of small dogs, and Chiweenies are no exception. They are not dangerous in the least bit and are quite intelligent, so whatever their issue is, it can be taken care of.

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Chiweenies are definitive lap dogs – they spend the larger part of the day dozing away next to their owners. They have a need to curl up with owners at night, too, which is very handy once the winter chills come. This is untrue for young Chiweenies – they enjoy an excessively loud, active, and excited puppyhood when they need a lot of attention and even more playtime with the owners.

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Chiweenies are blessed with a loud, high-pitched bark, though it is easy to train them to be less yappy when they are puppies, as they are naturally bright dogs. As adults, they are a bit more self-conscious and arrogant, and tedious to train, but again, it is not impossible.

Chiweenies: Chihuahua and Dachshund Breed Mix -
Megumi, Flickr

Both Chihuahuas and Dachshunds are born diggers, and you can bet that your little Chiweenie will attempt to dig up all the furniture you own. Their paws are a bit more delicate than those of either of their parent breeds, so this is not a cause for alarm.

Now that you are familiar with the general traits of this adorable breed, you can determine whether it is right for you or not. According to professionals, the Chiweenie dog is an ideal pet for a single person or a small family, as well as a family with older children. They are suited for both apartments and houses, don’t need a lot of space or long walks, and are easy to feed. All a Chiweenie needs is good training as a puppy, and a human to snuggle up with every day and night. They rarely snore.  😉

“Chiweenies: Chihuahua and Dachshund Breed Mix”

Kate Flannery

Guest Writer: Kate Flannery is an Aussie expat living in Serbia. She is a linguistics student and lifestyle blogger, and she spends her days at the marina with her two dogs, Butters and Belize. You can find her writing on HighStyleLife.

Chiweenies: Chihuahua and Dachshund Breed Mix -

 Chiweenies: Chihuahua and Dachshund Breed Mix #dogs Click To Tweet


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50 thoughts on “Chiweenies: Chihuahua and Dachshund Breed Mix – Popular Dog Breeds”

  1. I am fostering a dog that looks almost exactly like the photo of the sandy-haired dog in the field which led me to this blog. Thank you for the great article. He’s gotta be a chiweenie. The whole has-to-be-with-you-when-sleeping is very evident. Sadly, he is very aggressive with dogs and certain people and will not let my regular dog walker, an older man, walk him. So he holds it all day until I come home. He was too scared at the shelter he was in and his first foster home had to give him up because he picked a fight with their small dog. So that’s why I have him. He is hilarious and so sweet but I worry about the aggression. This article has helped a lot.

    • Your dog sounds like a cutie, aside from the aggressiveness. I had a German Shepherd Dog that was extremely aggressive with dogs. I took her to obedience school so she could be around other dogs. It took a long time and eventually became better with them. The aggression was based on fear. Maybe that’s what your dog’s aggression is about. She may relate to the older dog walker with someone she knew. Training may be what you need to look into. All the best, Jeanne

  2. The love of my life is my Chiweenie, Kiki! I took her in from a girl walking in my neighborhood looking for a home for her. She had rescued her from an abusive situation from her brother. I know the common saying is to rescue them, but no joke, this adorable little girl rescued me! Her ‘name’ means New Beginning and she came just as I was starting over for me, so we started over together! So much joy and love out of this little being… <3

  3. I was researching loose skin on Chiweenies when I saw your blog. Mine is also named “Buddy” and is the hit of the neighborhood. People speak to him before they speak to ME ! Anyway, love love love Buddy. My question to you is, “do Chiweenies normally have loose skin on their backs and necks?” He is slim but he’s wearing an XL sweater, Ha !

    • Ben, I would be one of those people saying hi to Buddy before even looking at you. Haha, it’s just my nature. As for the loose skin, I really can’t say for sure, but I have seen Chiweenies with and without that skin. I’m sure genetics plays a role. Thank you so much for visiting us here at Animal Bliss. I hope you’ll come again. Take care.

  4. Hi, I have a chiweenie named buddy. He is only 1 year old (7 in dog years) and he loves to curl up next to me a lot. Anyways when I was reading this it said that chiweenies shed a lot around the house. I wish I would of known this earlier, the guy at the pet store told me that he wouldn’t shed a lot ,but man that’s a huge lie. He can be a hand full at times ,but I love my fury friend.

  5. Our little female Chiweenie, Muffin, is very smart and yaps far less than our female Rat Terrier, Leesh-Peesh. Muffin was born on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and we got her there when we lived there. We recently moved back to California with all three of our dogs. Muffin loves toys and is a great retriever. Full-size tennis balls are a bit of a challange for her, but she manages. She prefers the smaller, especially squeaky balls. Muffin is very healthy at 3.5 and extremely cute and earnest.

    • Scott, your little fur family sounds wonderful. I know you enjoy them immensely. They sure are a joy to have around. Thanks for visiting Animal Bliss today, and I hope you’ll come back again. Peace 🙂

  6. I recently lost my minpin, my heart aches. I have been considering another dog. Does this breed typically do a lot of barking?

  7. Mines too smart for her own good and she snores so loud. She has my mother wrapped round her paw. She just stares at her and what so wants until my mom gives it to her.

    • Hi April. Your chiweenie sounds delightful. I don’t imagine it’s very difficult to get anyone to do anything for her with those brown eyes of her. Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate you.

  8. I have a male dapple dachshund about 4 years old and a AKC (never registred) 8 year black and tan female. She has become very feblble and weak and we will care of her until the end, Sorry for carring on but my sister-in-law has chihuahuas that just had pups and I can have one. So I have a chance for a chiweenie and I will keep you informed along with pictures, can’t wait.

    • Sorry to hear about your ailing dachshund, Marvin. But I’m happy that you will be able to have a new pup from your sister-in-law. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Keep us informed! Good luck!

  9. I just bought adopted a chiweenie, her name is kelly. she is very sweet, I have a question, she is one yr old. she seems like she is housetrained, she does not poop or pee in my house, but at other peoples house she does,any advice to prevent that

    • Mark, your little dog may be doing this for any number of reasons. My primary guess is that she feels stressed when entering a strange environment. Or she may be marking her territory. I just did a Google search to look for an article where you could read more about this, and this is what one that I found. “Understanding Urine Marking.” I hope this helps. Congratulations on your chiweenie adoption, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. We got so lucky when we found our chiweenie! The family couldn’t handle him in his puppy stage and didn’t expect him to get bigger than a chihuahua. We trained him simple commands but it’s better true how different the temperaments can be. He’s a one person owner and very territorial! I’m the only one who can touch him while he sleeps and you can tell that he just tolerates everyone else. I have to muzzle him if i have company because sometimes he bites new people, so i can say he’s a great gaurd dog lol! I wouldn’t trade him for nothing, He looks like a large Chihuahua with fat stumpy legs and long body! ♡♡♡♡

    • Your chiweenie sounds like quite a character. What a guard dog. If I were you, though, I’d try to socialize him more around people. You don’t want him to bite someone and get into big trouble. All the best!

  11. This might be wierd and don’t relate to the story but. 🙂 if my dog a wiener dog had puppies with a chiwennie what would I call the puppies?!

  12. My daughter is going to college and wanted a puppy. She acquired a pure white Chiweenie puppy. When she came home for a holiday visit she brought Nina. The day she left home to return to college she asked if Nina could stay with the family due to her schedule. I am a veteran and suffer from severe PTSD. Nina took to me instantly. She has brought so much joy and happiness to me and my family. I can hold her and feel a little peace in my life. She is my little service dog. I truly believe she knew I was in pain.

    • Oh, I love this story, Ron. I’m so glad you’ve gotten to experience first-hand the therapy dogs can provide us. It’s beautiful that Nina is bringing you joy and happiness. It was meant to be. Happy healing, and thanks so much for stopping by.

  13. In Florida last summer my daughter begged for a puppy. I’ve hadn’t had a dog in over 35 yrs. I was NO ! My husband goes into a pet shop and my daughter picks a tiny puppy with a brown face and black and white spots I said are you kidding she’s ugly. Anyway Milan is now 8 months and the cutest puppy ever. I can’t imagine not having gotten her. There was a couple at the pet shop that day who wanted her. Am I glad we got her

  14. I am 82 and have my daughter & husband living with me. All my life I have disliked Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. Well…last year in Jan. my daughter came home and put in my lap a 5 week Chiweenie…what was she thinking? His name is Chewy. He is beautiful, very smart and has become my baby also literally living with me. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about raising my puppy currently reading “How to Speak Dog.” Thanks for the info you provided.

    • Congratulations on adopting Chewy! I find that happens a lot, when someone dislikes a certain type of animals, or breed, and then they meet one ….. It works like a charm almost every time. Anyway, I’m happy for you, Gay. Chewy sounds like he’s great company. Peace

  15. I am the proud momma of a three month old chiweenie girl. She is a red dapple with blue eyes and huge floppy ears. 🙂 she is very attached and has serious separation anxiety. She loves to cuddle with me, and play with my six year old son. And also, on the rarely snoring comment…… She puts me to shame on snoring. And that’s saying something. 😉

  16. We adopted our chiweenie and she won over this larger dog lover. Shes a lot smaller than most but is sweet as sugar. Im glad we are her forever home.

    • I’m glad you adopted a chiweenie. They’re so cute. I’m a big-dog-person too. The bigger, the better. But I can’t help falling in love these these teeny dogs whenever I meet one. So sweet. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. I have a chiweenie. He is my baby. He imprinted with me and he will quickly let you know if you are a stranger approaching me, ” to back off this is my momma!” He loves to go anywhere me and my husband go. He travels well and he gets a lot of attention from people. I recommend this dog type to couples who can give them a lot of love .Best dog I ever had.Love your site!

    • Thanks for your nice comment, Terri. Your chiweenie sounds like a real sweetheart and you’re all so lucky to have each other. They’re adorable little dogs with gigantic hearts. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you’ll come back soon. Peace

  18. I have a Chug Chihuahua/pug mix and a hairy Chihuahua mix. Not sure with what.
    Both excellent dogs. The Chiweenies seem to be taking on by storm in my area. I see them alot. They are so cute.
    Sandy SK recently posted…Chicken Spaghetti RecipeMy Profile

    • Little dogs seem to be all the rage these days, I guess. I see a lot of people with them when I’m out and about, like in PetSmart, for example. They’re so adorable. I saw a little mini chihuahua this morning there that tugged at my heart. 🙂 Thank you for checking out my post, Sandy. I appreciate your visit and comment. Come again!

    • Hey, Kim, I’ll bet your pups are adorable! Chihuahua and MinPin .. how could they not be adorable? Wow. Sweet. I’m going to go check out your site now. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and for your comment too. Take care. 🙂

  19. I know what you mean, Francene. I prefer a big dog too. The German Shepherd is by far my favorite, and I miss my girl, Star. I lost her to bone cancer, sadly. I’ve never known a Greyhound personally, but I imagine they’re pretty docile and gentle. Thank you for stopping by my blog today, and for leaving a comment. Until next time … Peace

    • I know. It’s a funny word, isn’t it? I’d probably go about it the long way … it a mix between blah, blah, blah. 🙂 Thanks for your visit today, Amy. I always appreciate it. Take care.

  20. I have a standard Dachshund and a Treeing Walker Coonhound/Beagle mix. They’re both hams. The coonhound mix has short term memory loss due to past abuse, but is the most loving, friendliest dog I have ever met. He loves everyone. No exceptions.
    Stephanie Volkert recently posted…Macro Monday Mixer #6My Profile

    • I just looked up “Treeing Walker Coonhound.” That’s a nice-looking dog. I can imagine it being mixed with a beagle. Sweet! Sorry to hear about his past abuse, but I’m glad you have him now. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you’ll come back some time. Take care. 🙂

    • Oh, I know. Isn’t that adorable? I love his colors, and don’t forget the eyes. Looks pretty sharp and intelligent too. 🙂 Thanks for swinging by, Kim. I appreciate your visit, and your comment too. Take care.

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