Dealing With the Loss of a Pet: Easing The Grieving Process

Dealing With the Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy. And considering how pets are practically part of the family now, permanently saying goodbye to a four-pawed baby can be heartbreaking, depressing even. Like people we’ve gotten to know over time, our pets are essentially extensions of who we are and what we’ve become.

If you’re going through a pet loss right now, we at Purrfect N’ Pawesome send our deepest condolences. We understand the headspace you’re in and the journey you’re about to take on without the delightful presence of your kitty or pup. It’s going to be a tough ride, but when you’re equipped with the right mental space and a fighting spirit, you’ll be okay again when it’s time to be. 

Dealing With the Loss of a Pet: Easing The Grieving Process

Here Are 6 Things You Can Do To Ease The Grieving Process

Talk About It With People You Trust

When someone close dies, there are usually two initial reactions: silence, and withdrawal, and the undying urge to find someone to speak with

For faster, more organic results, the latter seems to be a more promising solution. Although there isn’t anything wrong in wanting some time alone to process and savor the quiet, being around people you trust is beneficial; especially when it’s at a time of loss.

Talk about how you feel on the inside. Walk them through every little emotion you feel. Allowing some extent of vulnerability to flow from you enables you to let everything out. Oftentimes, bottling up how you feel can be dangerous. 

If you’re not comfortable speaking with people you feel won’t understand your loss—given that some people don’t understand how precious of a family member our pets, look for a friend who can fully empathize with you. Reaching out to people who you’re comfortable around helps ease the pain a lot faster. It’s not going to happen overnight, but surrounding yourself with those you can easily converse with, no matter how repetitive your stories will be, will help you a lot.

Acknowledge Your Guilt

In a perfect world, those closest to us die during their slumber and experience no pain whatsoever. But we do not live in that reality. As the human in the relationship, you may feel the guilt associated with euthanasia if this were your case. Vets encourage their clients to shift their perspective rather positively

Remember that your pet’s passing wasn’t desirable to you. It wasn’t an overnight decision you made out of spontaneity and excitement. You considered your pet’s welfare and wanted their suffering to end. Don’t take it against yourself. 

Pet Loss and Grieving: Are You Mourning a Pet Companion?

Throw A Ceremony

It doesn’t have to be grand and you don’t have to send out invites and create social media groups just to invite your friends—although there isn’t anything wrong with that, too. 

A lot of pet owners find valuable comfort in throwing a get-together to remember their furry four-legged buddy. Whether you throw this little ceremony before euthanasia or after, a funeral or a memorial service often helps you and your family with grief and acceptance in dealing with the loss of a pet. It’s also a formal way of closing a chapter in your lives collectively. Events like these can be gut-wrenching, but they’re also very relieving. 

Don’t Pressure yourself 

Mourning shouldn’t come with a time frame, although some people try to limit their grieving period. For the most part, it will help you tenfold if you don’t suppress your tears and heavy emotions. It can take you weeks, months, or even years before you feel entirely functional and able again. Acknowledge every bit of feeling, but also make sure you at least try to be productive. 

If there are pet messes your pet’s left behind and you’re not ready to clean them just yet, then don’t. Take your time.  

Prioritize Closure

If numerous questions about your pet’s goodbye-bidding still linger quite heavily in your heart, don’t shy away from visiting your vet. Ask all the questions you have in mind, so when they’re all answered, you’re more open to moving forward. When you do this, you aren’t weighed down by inconsistencies you wanted answers to or questions for which you needed a full explanation. 

All of the conversations you wanted to make and all of the questions you wanted to address are better handled and dealt with when you choose to let everything out. 

It’s OK To Grieve 

Grief is a dynamic cycle. One needs to understand that there isn’t anything wrong with mourning the death of a cat or dog. It’s not anything anyone should be ashamed of. Human or not, losing someone who’s been part of your everyday routine can be crushing. Whether with actual words or a simple meow, the voice of those we love will linger much longer than we want to sometimes. 

Be kind to yourself and know that everything comes to an end. Should you experience unbearable breakdowns more often than you can manage, seeing a therapist can be tremendously helpful as well. 


“Dealing With the Loss of a Pet: Easing The Grieving Process”

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