Favorite Pet? Really? It Happens!

Favorite Pet? Really?

It Happens!

Everyone knows that just like parents shouldn’t have a favorite child, pet owners shouldn’t have a favorite pet. However, we are all human and sometimes do not have a choice on how we react emotionally. Keeping quiet about it if it relates to children is one thing, but I find it difficult to not be open and honest about my favorite cat!

I have had kittens and cats for pets my entire life and I am in my 70s. Some I remember with tears in my eyes and some just with a nice warm feeling. But, I can truthfully say that my 5-year-old grey cat named Riff is probably my most favorite cat of all time. Why? I really don’t know…just a special connection.

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My 11-year-old cat Romeo just didn’t bond with me very well. He had a personality problem right from the start as a kitten, resulting in his being returned to the pet shelter from his first adoption. I rescued him anyway, and he has had a good life, but I love to pet and cuddle; find it so soothing, and he wanted none of that. He is a 16 pound “keep his feet on the ground, thank-you!” type of cat. He likes petting, but if over-stimulated may bite. He likes to just hover near-by, watch the action of the other cats and prefers to be left alone.

Riff, on the other hand, snuggles up on my chest any time I lay down and loves to be petted. He wouldn’t bite anyone if his life depended on it, and hasn’t a mean bone in his body. Hard not to love him, but something has bonded even further with him. To me, he is very, very special.

Photo by Chriss Haight Pagani, Flickr
Photo by Chriss Haight Pagani, Flickr

I also have a 3-month-old black female kitten Raven, and not sure which camp she is joining yet. She likes petting but is such a bundle of energy and wiggles away with such force, it is hard to tell yet whether a lap cat or not.

No matter how many or what type of pet we have, responsible pet owners need to take care of them and make them as happy as they can be. Little kittens and young puppies especially need to feel loved and favoritism can be worked out later.

There is only one adult in my household, me, so I don’t have to wonder who the cats’ favorite human is. But do you suppose pets have favorites too? Actually, don’t you wonder what they do and think when we are gone?


Favorite Pet? Really? It Happens!

Guest Blogger: Sally Bartlett

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Do you have a favorite pet? (Do the others know?)

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