6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

Guest Blogger:  Nina

Bringing a new pet home can be a lot like bringing home a new baby. Everyone is excited to meet the ‘newest addition to the family’ and the initial ‘getting to know each other’ is fun. Very quickly, however, the pet care expenses can start adding up, making that new addition a cute, but pricey hit to the budget.

I am always looking for ways to save money on pet care costs are no exception. Here are few of my favorite ways to save some cash on my pet costs…

6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

Preventative Care

Stay ahead of costly vet bills by taking your pet for routine check-ups. It is easy for me to let this slide. After all, who wants to pay for a vet visit, only to be told, “Everything looks good!”

Those routine visits, however, can spot things that might be a problem down the road, ultimately saving money in the long run. Spending $100 now to keep the dog’s ears clean versus multiple ear infection treatments later?

My budget says yes. Prescription costs can really add up for that theoretical ear infection. Flea and tick treatment, like Nexgard, seems expensive until you think about how much you are saving compared to a flea infestation or potential diseases from ticks. You can also try some natural solutions for fleas and ticks.

Spay or Neuter

We got the latest addition to our family at a local animal shelter, so this was already taken care of when we adopted our pet. If your new addition isn’t already spayed or neutered, consider having it done.

Not only is it a smart way to keep your neighborhood from becoming a breeding ground, but it can help avoid the costs associated with caring for a new litter of furry friends. Plus, spaying or neutering is the responsible thing to do. Here are several more reasons to spay or neuter your pet from the ASPCA.

6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

Stay Active

Obesity doesn’t just affect humans. Dogs and cats can have serious health problems stemming from being overweight, just like we can.
Get up off the couch and take the dog for a walk, and make sure there are plenty of opportunities for play and exercise for all your pets. They’ll feel better, and will avoid health issues down the road.

Buy in Bulk

We love warehouse stores. It saves me a ton of money to buy our most-used items in larger quantities and pet care is no different.
When possible, buy your pet food in cases, or in larger quantities, from feed stores to help cut down the cost. Check out some online options for medications, pet care items and other necessities that you could buy in bulk to save.

Shop Online

If your pet needs to take prescription medication, shop online for less expensive options. Does your pet take Nexgard for flea and tick prevention? You can buy it online (in bulk!) and save even more money.

Become an Expert

Unless you plan on showing your pet, you can probably do a decent job with the basic pet needs of brushing, keeping their nails trimmed, and even brushing their teeth.

You may still want to schedule a grooming session, but if you can skip the professional job every once in a while, you’ll save some cash.

6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care


Need some ideas on what to do with the cash you save on pet care costs? Take Fido on a pet friendly vacation, splurge on a fancy new collar for holidays or treat yourself to a much needed spa day. The possibilities are endless!


“6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care”
was written by Guest Blogger:  Nina

Nina blogs about all things dogs, and tries to help people cut through all the marketing hype. She’s always been a dog lover and has a passion for helping find solutions to problems. That’s how Dogs By Nina started – now it’s a hub for great information about dogs.


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  1. The last one, I think, is a result of all the previous ones. And the key here is regular monitoring of your pet’s condition as well as regular preventive testing – these will guarantee your pet’s good health

  2. Great tips for sure — I can’t even imagine how much preventative care saves over the long run. Something as simple as brushing your dogs teeth daily can save on those costly dental cleanings.

    The only thing I can’t do unfortunately is buy dry food in bulk since it seems to deteriorate in freshness so quick, but everything else I certainly do.


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