How Much Does an Invisible Dog Fence Cost?

How Much Does an Invisible Dog Fence Cost?

One of the ways you can keep your dog happy and healthy is to allow him to play off-leash and run free. However, you will need to keep your dog safe and prevent him from escaping the yard and potentially getting injured, hurt, or lost. So, how do you do that?

These days, invisible dog fences, which are also called wireless dog fences, are a popular alternative to traditional fencing. It can be difficult to determine the cost of an invisible dog fence if you don’t know much about them.

How Much Does an Invisible Dog Fence Cost?

When determining the amount you will spend on an invisible fence, you have to consider more than just the upfront price. You also need to factor in the maintenance and installation costs. You should also take into consideration the different brands available, your property size, voltage meter quality, collar cost, and wiring quality.

Typically, an invisible dog fence comes with a kit and everything you need is included.

The cost of a wireless invisible dog fence can vary from $100 to $400. One of the biggest factors affecting the price is the brand you choose.  Within the price range, you can get an invisible dog fence that sets the boundary, which is more economical than a traditional fence around your property.

What Is the Cost of Installation?

Once you have purchased the invisible dog fence of your choice, the next step to install it. Hiring a professional can help you get the job done properly. Some companies provide professional installation services, and the price they charge can vary from one region to another, the difference can be anywhere from $500 to $2500.

Note: A battery and training plan are included in the price.

If you think the cost is too high, there is good news. You may not need help installing the wireless invisible fence – especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. If you manage to do the installation yourself, you will be able to save some money.

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What Will You Pay for Maintenance?

What you will pay for your invisible dog fence is not limited to just the purchase price and installation. You also need to consider yearly maintenance, which often involves changing the receiver collar and batteries. Let’s look at the cost for each of these;

  • Collar Maintenance –Some parts of the collar, such as the metal collar points, will need replacing over time. You will have to buy a kit that comes with all the equipment you need for repair and replacement. The price can vary from $10 to $15.
  • Batteries – Invisible dog fence collars often come with replaceable batteries that don’t require charging. This means you will need to replace them with new ones when they are weak and not performing as well as usual. Sometimes, specialized batteries are used. If your invisible dog fence comes with the regular batteries, you can purchase new ones at any supermarket. As for the special batteries, you’ll have more trouble finding them and you will have to pay much more than you would for regular ones. Regardless of the type of battery your dog’s collar has, you will spend around $20 to $100 for yearly maintenance. 

Additional Invisible Dog Fence Cost

There may be some other costs you have to pay as well. If you have a huge yard and more than one dog, you might need some additional equipment. You will need to provide a collar for every dog using the wireless dog fence system. So, for three dogs, you will need three collars. You might have to spend an extra $100 to $160 on additional collars.

A transmitter is also something than can pinch your purse. Although, if you are lucky to have the most common wireless transmitter, you will be able to cover a little above half an acre. If you have a large yard or area of land, you will require an extra transmitter. That can cost you around $100 to $200.

Additionally, you may want to buy a quality voltage meter. You will have to spend around $5 for the cheapest ones and about $30 for a premium one.

Recap and Summary

We hope this pricing assessment gives you what you need to get started and plan your budget accordingly. Here is a quick recap of what we have covered:

  • An invisible dog fence and collar cost is between $100 to $400
  • The installation is between $500 to $2,500
  • The maintenance can cost between $30 to $120 ( for battery and collar)
  • Extra costs can be around $210 to $400 ( for the transmitter, voltage meter, and additional collars)

With the average prices above, it shows that you will need around $600 to $3,000 to purchase an invisible dog fence and employ the services of a professional installation company. If you are doing it yourself, it will cost you less. Keep in mind all the costs we have talked about as you plan your invisible dog fence.


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