Keeping Your Car Clean and Safe for Your Pets

Keeping Your Car Clean and Safe for Your Pets

Taking your pets with you for car rides can be a lot of fun, and there are times when it’s necessary, such as those dreaded visits to the vet. Whenever you drive with your pets, you want to make sure that it’s completely safe for them. It’s also nice when your car can stay somewhat clean during the trip and not have its whole interior coated with hair. Here are some simple ways to keeping your car clean and safe for your pets.

Taking your pets with you for car rides can be a lot of fun. It's important to you that your furry friends stay safe. But you want a clean car too, and not coated with dog hair. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your car clean and safe for your pets. These ideas will make your trips less stressful.

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Keep Your Pets Secure During Every Ride

Plenty of people drive around with their pets unsecured, but that’s not a good idea. Just think about what could happen if you need to slam on your brakes or if you get in an accident. Your pets could go flying, hurting you, themselves, or both. That’s why you should always secure your pet before you go anywhere.

There are seat harnesses designed with pets in mind, which are a good choice if you want them to have some freedom to roam around. You can also put your pet in a carrier or crate, secured in place with seatbelts.

Cover the Seats and Floors

Lay down floormats before you let your pets get in your car. These simplify cleaning your car’s floor and ensure that you don’t miss any dropped food or trash, which your pets could end up eating. Make sure you get ones that cover the floor thoroughly. In most cases, sticking with brand-specific mats is usually the best way to make sure they fit well. If you have a ford, get ford floor mats, etc.

To keep your seats clean, cover them as well. You could get seat covers for this, but in a pinch, a few towels will work fine.

Keep a Trash Bag in Your Car

You never know when you’ll end up with some trash you need to throw away. You could grab a bite to eat and have food wrappers to get rid of, or a pet could get sick, and you may need to clean it up with some paper towels. Make sure your car has a trash bag for anything you need to throw away. There are small bags you can hang right over a seat, giving you a convenient trash option.

Lock the Windows

If you have your pets restrained in harnesses, they could still get their paws on the window controls, which can be dangerous, as pets sometimes become so excited they try jumping out the window. Or, your pet could close the window around their throat and choke themselves.

It’s better to play it safe and ensure that your pets can’t operate the windows at all. Use the lock feature to prevent any window controls besides yours from working, and don’t roll down the windows unless your pets are in crates or carriers.

Bring a Bowl and Water

Dehydration can lead to all sorts of health issues with your pets, and it can also strike quickly, especially if it’s a hot day or if the car ride stresses your pet. Make sure you have a bowl and some cold water with you just in case your pets need it. You can cup your hand and let your pets drink out of that if you don’t have a bowl, but being better prepared is more practical.  Store some bottled water in a cooler, so it doesn’t get warm from being in your car.

You don’t need to be paranoid about driving with your pets in the car, but you should understand and be prepared for potential worst-case scenarios. When you get your car ready before you go anywhere with your pets, you’ll have a safe trip, and your car will stay at least somewhat clean.


Keeping Your Car Clean and Safe for Your Pets

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