Get the Lowdown on K9 Detection Dogs

Get the Lowdown on K9 Detection Dogs

Dogs are famed for their extraordinary sense of smell. In this infographic, the canine security company, ‘K9 Patrol,’ gives us the lowdown on K9 Detection Dogs. They’ve detailed where these clever K9’s started out, the science behind their senses and the most common scents they’re trained to target.

Get the Lowdown on K9 Detection Dogs
NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. — Staff Sgt. Bobbie Ohm, 99th Security Forces Squadron military working dog handler, walks with Nero, a military working dog, to search for more explosives during a joint explosive detection training exercise, Dec. 16. 99th Security Forces military working dog handlers worked with 25 canine teams from the Las Vegas area. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Brett Clashman)

Did you know: most detection dogs were originally trained to become guide dogs. However, they were better suited to becoming detection dogs because they were always getting distracted by smells and they have super high energy levels.


K9 detection dogs don’t need to prove their skills to know their worth. For most people, just simply being around these extraordinary creatures gives them a sense of security. And for criminals, their presence is enough to deter them from committing a crime as they know what detection dogs are capable of.

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“Get the Lowdown on K9 Detection Dogs

Infographic created by K9 Patrol.

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