8 Benefits of Proper Dog Grooming for You and Your Dog

8 Benefits of Proper Dog Grooming

When a person gets a dog, they have the responsibility to take care of it. Proper dog grooming is not just a luxury. It is needed to keep the pet healthy and clean. There are many benefits of grooming your dog on a regular basis to maintain both your dog’s happiness and health. Here are the top benefits of grooming the dog.

Healthy Skin

Grooming is critical to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. During the day your dog gets dirty; dust and even feces can accumulate on his fur. Removing this debris, along with ridding the skin of dead cells will allow your dog the chance to be clean. Proper dog grooming will also help spread essential oils from your dog’s skin all around his coat to keep it shiny and healthy.

Find Parasites

Parasites can bother and infect any dog. Parasites can be contagious and can be transmitted by dogs that are already infected. Grooming your dog will remove parasite larvae, as well as the eggs before they hatch. If he already has parasites, you will find them with proper dog grooming and be able to treat them. Grooming the dog will also help you notice if there are any ticks on the dog and if they have started to burrow into the skin.

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Prevent Diseases

If a person can see the first signs of disease, they may be able to save your dog and keep him healthy. When grooming your dog, you will be able to see any signs or symptoms of a disease. You will also be able to look for any infections on his skin. You could even see any tumors on the skin and will be able to get treatment. Early detection can save the dog’s life.

Decrease Pain

If your dog’s nails become too long, they can cause him pain from digging into his paws. They can also get joint damage from walking around on nails that have become overgrown. Keeping the nails trimmed will allow your dog to walk around without pain. If he starts to bite his nails, he might cause damage to his paws. If the nails are too short, this can also be painful.

8 Benefits of Proper Dog Grooming
IMAGE: Tim Sawson, Flickr

Relieve Allergies

If your dog is sensitive to allergies, proper dog grooming may reduce their symptoms. Allergens can get into a dog’s system through their skin, so it is important to clean their coats on a regular basis. If a person is allergic to their dog regular grooming of the dog may help with their allergies as well. It will help remove pet dander and make it easier to breathe.

Reduce Stress

Dogs do get stressed. Grooming can help lessen the amount of stress that your dog feels. Grooming and massaging his skin can reduce the feeling of stress. Be sure to get the proper grooming supplies that are gentle and not hurtful for your dog. A person can also reduce their stress levels during the grooming process as well. The slow motions can be calming and will allow a person to build a close relationship with their dog.

Improve Appearance

A well-groomed dog just looks better. Some dogs begin to look ratty if their hair is long and growing wild. Grooming a dog will allow the dog to have a shiny coat while removing any loose hair.

Decrease Smell

Dogs have a particular smell to them, and this smell is not always pleasant. Grooming your dog on a regular basis can reduce odor. All of the dirt and even stuck-on feces will be removed. There are also dog shampoos that come in scents such as almond. These shampoos will soothe the skin and allow the dog to smell nicer at the same time. Dog shampoos are designed not to irritate the delicate skin of the dog.

These are some of the benefits that both you and your dog can experience with proper dog grooming. Grooming will keep both of you happy while building an even closer bond.


“8 Benefits of Proper Dog Grooming”

Author BioMackenzie Grove is a writer and founder of Dogclippersly. She is a pet lover, owner over the last ten years and worked on a growing pet business for almost three years. 

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