14 Things About Russian Tortoises You Didn’t Know

Russian Tortoises

Russian Tortoises are terrestrial animals that belong to the turtle family (Testudinidae). They have been present on earth for 200 million years and have one of the longest lifespans, known to live longer than 150 years. Tortoises can be found on all continents except Antarctica and Australia, and are also believed to be found on most of the islands.

Tortoises live in a variety of habitats. The shells on their body work as a protective shield. The bony portion of the shell is covered with plates that offer extra safety and protection. There are many varieties of Tortoise which can be categorized on the basis of their size, habitat and food.

While there are many popular breeds of Tortoise, Russian Tortoises are one of the most popular breeds of domesticated tortoise. They are also called Horsefield tortoise and are known to be found in deserts and lush areas of vegetation. The Russian Tortoise exists in countries like Iran, China, Russia and Pakistan.

Russian Tortoises are a small-sized animal, reddish brown and black in color. They are herbivores in nature and their diet comprises leafy greens, weeds and flowers.

Curious to know more about the Russian Tortoise? Let’s take a look at the infographic below: “14 Things About Russian Tortoise Your Teacher Wouldn’t Tell You”.

Source: www.RussianTortoise.com

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mikey Lemoi, Flickr

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2 thoughts on “14 Things About Russian Tortoises You Didn’t Know”

  1. I love learning new words, in this case aestivate – similar to hibernate but in hot weather. I also didn’t know that tortoises could be so small and still live so long. It seems strange that they like such diverse habitats – desserts and lush vegetation.

    • I never new the word aestivate either, before this blog post about tortoises. They’re so interesting, aren’t they? I just love them. I had a couple when I was a young girl, but not since. Thanks for your comment. I do appreciate it. 🙂


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