Story of Phoenix the Bearded Dragon Pet Lizard Rescue

This is the Story of Phoenix the Bearded Dragon

 by Ashley Prichard

This is the story of Phoenix the Bearded Dragon, a pet lizard that was lucky enough to be rescued by Ashley and Richard Prichard one year ago.  The following tale is told in Ashley’s own words.  Enjoy.  🙂

Story of Phoenix the Bearded Dragon
PHOENIX the Bearded Dragon

My husband, Robert, found “Phoenix” through Craigslist.  We thought we were getting a girl named “Lala.”  We drove an hour one way to go pick her up.

When we got there, I wanted to cry because she looked so bad.  She was underweight and dehydrated.  We found out that the owners kept the live food in the tank.  Hubby and the son went to take out the sand and crickets. “She” blew up when he tried to handle her. We could tell she’d been shoved in a corner and forgotten about.

The mother was telling me things like she goes into her log when she is ready for bed. So she probably didn’t get the 12 hours of day and night. We got her home and found out they kept her UVB (ultraviolet) light on a fish tank top with the glass still there. So for 9 months she had no UVB and with the way they fed her, no vitamins either!

Story of Phoenix the Bearded Dragon
PHOENIX the Bearded Dragon – before and after, a few months later

Hubby was looking at her and realized she was a “he.”  So we had to rename him.  I got to pick out the name. I was thinking and looking up names and found “Phoenix” and thought it fit him. So Phoenix was his new name.

We thought he had MBD (* Metabolic Bone Disease – see below *) but the Vet said no.  I was happy to hear that.

Then, shortly after that, hubby came home to him having a seizure. He called me at work and told me. I cried like a baby. I was worried about my baby. But we kept giving him his treatment of vitamins and getting the UVB light closer to him. He got better over time.

After that he got spoiled and is now very adorable!  He gets loved on everyday and loves it! If we hadn’t gotten him when we did, he wouldn’t be here at all. It was a long stressful journey but he is very healthy now and his MBD is under control. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Story of Phoenix the Bearded Dragon
HAPPY PHOENIX – one year later

Thank you for letting me share my Phoenix’s story!!

Ashley & Robert Prichard

NOTE:  *MBD* stands for “Metabolic Bone Disease”.  It is a well recognized and all too common disease of reptiles. There is no single cause and the disease is not as simple a calcium deficiency. However, the primary problem is a disruption of calcium metabolism which causes a host of related problems. MBD is almost always a result of poor husbandry, but generally preventable by providing a proper environment and diet. This is not always easy or inexpensive, but is vital to the health of pet reptiles.

Metabolic Bone Disease can be prevented with a diet balanced in calcium and phosphorus, protein, energy and other nutrients, as well as exposure to the correct UVA/UVB bulbs for reptiles.  Lizards also need proper heat gradients (day and night), proper light/dark cycles, and adequate enclosure/room to exercise.




Raising Bearded Dragons Ultimate Care Guide

Raising Bearded Dragons Ultimate Care Guide


MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY:  Do you have any rescue stories you would like to share?  I accept all stories, all species.

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4 thoughts on “Story of Phoenix the Bearded Dragon Pet Lizard Rescue”

  1. I also rescued a bearded dragon on craigslist. I was heartbroken when I went to pick her up and saw that she was dehydrated, and skinny. I could barely stand the smell from her cage on the drive home. I stopped at Pets mart and bought all new items for her tank and lights that she needed. I don’t think she was ever fed insects because it took me two weeks to get her to try one. It was funny watching her tilt her head and look at them. I could tell she was also without UVB lights so we were taking a trip to Gulf Shores Alabama and we took her with us. She laid out in the sun everyday for a week and turned from a yucky gray to a beautiful bright orange with black stripes. I love her so much and she knows I rescued her. I tell her “Good Morning Viserion!” and she gives me the cutest look. I am so thankful that I was able to save her and I wish I could save them all. She is without a doubt the most spoiled of our rescue pets. The two dogs, and the cat love her as well… They are all cute hanging out in the living room together. I treat my pets as if they are people and they are so loved.

    • That’s an awesome story, Tammy. Thank you for rescuing her. It’s beautiful that you were able to watch her transform into what she is today — a well-loved part of your family. I love seeing cats and dogs and whatever else hanging out with lizards. So cool. My bearded dragon, Shirley, and my cat, Jessie, are pretty close too. My dog is a little afraid of her though, she he gets nervous when she’s too close. But he’s cool with her. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read the article! I hope you’ll come again. I’m actually in the process of increasing my reptile category on my blog, so stay tuned, if you’re interested! Find Animal Bliss on Facebook if you like! 🙂 Take care!

  2. Her story is very inspiring, I’ve seen a video lately with a cat and a lizard and I love it. My mom and I is a pet lover. Thank you for sharing!

  3. A very heart-warming story. I really upsets me to see people mistreat animals. They are so loving and only want to be loved in return. I have yet to figure out why someone would want to own a pet and then not take care of them.

    I applaud you and your husband for taking such great care and providing so much love to Phoenix. Great name by the way!


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