Responsible Pet Ownership, Because Animals are People Too

Responsible Pet Ownership, Because Animals are Animals Too

Responsible Pet Ownership Guest Post:  Fetch! Petcare Here at Fetch! Petcare, obviously, we love animals, we’ve devoted our lives to animals that in turn devote their lives back to us, providing a uniquely fulfilling relationship for both human and canine (or feline or equine or whatever your pet might be). Its important, as the human, … Click here to read more

Celebrating Monkey Day : Dec 14, #MonkeyDay

Celebrating Monkey Day

Celebrating Monkey Day December 14 is an unofficial international holiday for celebrating Monkey Day.  Worldwide, this day is enjoyed by acting like monkeys, attending costume parties, creating art, music, competitions, and just generally encouraging monkey business. But on a more serious note, celebrating Monkey Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the theory of … Click here to read more

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