3 Technologies Vets Use to Care for Your Pets

There is no doubt that technology has had a significant impact on medicine and a significant impact on human health. Some of these technologies include portable ultrasound machines, technology helping people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels, and a wide range of fitness monitors helping people lead healthier lives. Humans are not the only ones that benefit from tech advances, however!

Common Technologies used by Veterinarians


As Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines become more common, they also become more affordable. Machines that used to cost millions of dollars and could only be afforded by the largest hospitals are now economical enough for your vet to use on their furry patients. MRI’s help not only determine if your furry loved one has internal injuries, but they help vets prepare for surgery by showing them exactly what is going on inside just moments in advance.

Vital Signs Machines

Steady heart rates and blood pressure are just as important to animals as they are to humans. When your pets are in distress, vital signs machines produced by specialty companies like Lu Tech Veterinary Industries, Inc. help veterinarians keep tabs on your pet’s critical measurements so they can be immediately alerted to any changes. Just like with humans, vital signs monitors can help save the life of your pet by alerting veterinary personnel immediately to any sudden changes so appropriate—and sometimes life-saving—action can be taken.

How Technology Plays a Role in Veterinary Care 

Laparoscopic Devices

Laparoscopic devices are tiny devices that can be inserted through a small incision that can give a veterinarian a better look at what is going on inside your pet without cutting them open. In fact, many surgeries are even performed with laparoscopic devices which significantly decreases recovery time. What used to be lengthy surgical procedures requiring a great deal of care afterward can often now be accomplished in a single vet visit. With laparoscopy, your furry friend can be back to running, jumping and playing in no time at all.

As medical device technology for humans advances, it is having a direct impact on the type of care that is available to your pet. While human and animal biology may be vastly different, there are indeed some things that are quite the same. Advances in technology not only allows vets to offer a much better standard of care to pets, but it also helps them to continue to keep their costs low, making it more affordable to take good care of your furry friends.




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