4 Dog Health Myths You Need To Know

The health of our dogs is of the utmost importance to us. After all, they are man’s best friend. But what happens when we are misinformed about canine health information? There is plenty of inaccurate information about dogs on the internet. Here are four dog health myths you should be aware of.

4 Dog Health Myths You Need To Know

Dog Health Myths You Need To Know

Myth #1: Doggy Dental Hygiene is Unnecessary

Dog’s teeth are just as sensitive to tartar build-up as human teeth. It’s recommended that dog’s teeth be brushed daily. The best time to introduce regular teeth cleaning is when they are a puppy, but older dogs will learn to tolerate the deed if you move slowly.

Maybe start by letting them lick the dog-friendly toothpaste off the brush. Be sure to choose the correct size toothbrush for the dog and have the dog’s teeth checked yearly for broken teeth, gingivitis, and any other signs of abscess or disease. Many veterinarians¬†offer dental screenings and professional cleanings for dogs. Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is the start to keeping their whole bodies healthy.

Myth #2: Indoor-Only Dogs Don’t Require As Much Care

Just because a pup stays inside year-round doesn’t mean that it needs less medical attention. Indoor animals still require parasite protection. They also still need conventional vaccines past the initial puppy shots. It’s important to remember that dogs can pick up diseases brought into the house by humans, whether it’s through contaminated water or actual airborne diseases. A yearly check-up with a veterinarian can keep your indoor pet on the right track to a long, healthy life.

Myth #3: Show Your Dog Love With Food

Dogs love table scraps, and humans love to spoil their dogs. However, a dog’s diet requires consistent sources of specific nutrients. For this reason, it’s best to consult their vet for recommendations on appropriate portion sizes and dog food brands. Your pet deserves good, healthy food that is made specifically for them. If you want to show your dog you love them, play with them! Exercise and human companionship are their favorite activity.

Myth #4: Ear Mites Are Causing My Dog’s Scratching

Dogs will scratch their ears for many reasons. While ear mites may be one of the potential grounds for a dog to claw at their ears, other options include allergies, yeast infections, fleas or ticks, or growths in the ear. A dog’s ears should be checked and cleaned thoroughly once a week. If the dog is especially hairy, the hair around the ears should be kept trimmed to keep the ears drier and, therefore, cleaner. A dog displaying signs of extreme itchiness should be checked out by a veterinarian.

Don’t be fooled by phony dog health myths. If you want to keep your pup healthy for a long time, consult your veterinarian. They will always let you know what is best for your dog.


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  1. Thanks for the helpful tips, I think the dental hygiene is very important – we generally get the dental chews for our dogs which seem to be effective (and they seem very happy to have them too).


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