5 Easy Pest Prevention Tips for Your Pets

5 Easy Pest Prevention Tips

Follow these 5 easy pest prevention tips to keep your pets free and clear of injury, infection, and sickness.

Follow these 5 easy pest prevention tips to keep your pets free and clear of pests.

  1. Learn to identify signs your pets may be dealing with pests

Depending on what kind of pest problem you may be experiencing your pets may be experiencing different warning signs.

With fleas, these are some common warning signs you may experience. Be aware of excessive itching or scratching your pets may be doing. Often times your pets will have a rash appear as well as bite marks from them trying to scratch at the issue. Also look out for reddish brown dust on your pet’s excrement; this can be another warning sign of a flea problem.

If you are experiencing an issue from mosquitoes your pets may experience a few different symptoms. Your pets may develop a persistent cough, excess fatigue from exercise that normally wouldn’t tire out your pets, as well as unusual weight loss.

Rabies is another issue your pets may have to deal with if you aren’t careful. A couple warning signs of rabies include excessive aggression, excessive salivation, as well as seizures.

2. Ways to prevent fleas

Focus on vacuuming frequently. Fleas like to live and breed in carpeting, on pet beds, and other common places that your pets frequent.

Also be sure to clean and brush your pets frequently. If you routinely clean your pets and brush them, your chances of fleas hiding and reproducing on your pets will dramatically go down.

Flea collars are another effective tool you can use to keep your pets pest free.

3. Mosquito prevention tips

If you are worried about your pets being affected by mosquitoes, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent an issue.

Be sure to get your pets tested annually by a veterinarian to make sure that they don’t have any mosquito caused issues that may be going unnoticed.

Eliminate any stagnant water if you can around your home. Stagnant water is the main place that mosquitos need in order to lay their eggs. If you eliminate these locations around your home, you can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes.

4. Wildlife prevention tips to reduce the risk of rabies

The first thing is to make sure you lock up your trash or have it in a hard-to-open container or dumpster. Most pests that carry rabies are scavengers, and they are attracted to open food sources. This also means you should refrain from feeding your pets outside.

Get your pets vaccinated for rabies. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. If you can take a pro-active approach with your pets and get them vaccinated before there is a problem, you and your pets are much better off.

5. Hire a pest control professional to treat your home and yard

A pest control professional can treat your home and yard against fleas, mosquitoes, and also help exclude or trap wildlife. This is the most effective and safest option for you to keep you and your pets free from pests.


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