Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens

Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens

Although keeping chickens isn’t for everyone, there are many benefits of raising backyard chickens. Whether you keep free-range chickens or keep them in a coop, aside from having fresh eggs every day, they also can be great for your garden. Or, you can raise them as a family pet. They are surprisingly loving animals. There are other benefits too, which we will go over below.

Farm Fresh eggs

Farm fresh eggs are one of the best reasons to keep chickens. Gathering eggs can be especially fun if you have children because they will be able to go and collect the eggs. You can rest assured knowing that your eggs are coming from healthy happy chickens since you raise them yourself


Another good reason to keep chickens is that you can make perfect fertilizer by making compost using chicken poop. Your plants will love it. Everyone who does a bit of gardening knows the value of good compost and chicken litter is one of the best sources available. If you decide to keep your chickens in a coop you can just get the litter from the floor when it needs changing. It’s a good way to keep your chicken coop clean.

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Chickens can help keep the bugs away

Everyone hates those seasonal pests, but chickens see flies and ticks as a protein-packed snack. Not only will your garden be pest free, but it will also be free of weeds, when your chickens are out of their coop and able to roam around, they will also peck away at the weeds for you. This is a win-win situation due to the fact they are helping you clean up the garden and keep it pest-free whilst also keeping themselves entertained and not hungry.

Family pet

Yes, a chicken isn’t a traditional family pet, but they can make a unique family pet. Many chickens are very loving and will love their flock as well as their owners. You can form a real bond with them. Your chickens will come rushing to meet you in the morning, they will hop up to your lap for affection and will follow you when they are roaming around out of their coop and run.

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Less food will be wasted

If you have an overflow of fruit and vegetables for any reason, you can give some to your chickens. They will also devour all of the bits we don’t eat, such as seeds and stalks. Your chickens will see these as a treat.

The benefits of raising chickens are never-ending and go much further than what many people think. Just think of having fresh eggs every morning! Chickens can help towards the health of your garden and your plants by providing the compost for them to grow.

Chickens can even help with your mental health.

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“Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens”

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