Building A Dog House – How Easy is it?

Building A Dog House

Different dogs have different needs, so you need to build an attractive, clean, and safe shed that your pup will love. More importantly, a dog house will keep Fido dry, warm, and your home fur-free. But, is building a dog house complicated or straightforward?

From Wikihow to, dog owners can find many resources. You can discover easy-to-understand, step-by-step building projects. YouTube bursts with numerous videos that teach you how to construct dog houses made out of wooden boxes or how to create houses out of pallets, or even a dog house with a porch. You can download many of these instructions.


Habitat for Hounds: Needy Dogs Getting Warm Dog Houses

If you don’t have much spare time to design or build a dry shed for your pooch, there are many resources that can help you find ways to simplify the task of building a dog house. Following are a few planning tips to help you before you build your dog house that is tailored to suit your pet’s needs.

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Plan It and the Rest Will Follow

Planning of time and budget is crucial if you’re building a dog house. Before anything, consider the habits of your pet.

  • Does your dog like to sit on top of his house? If you think so, don’t mount any roll roofing or shingles on top of the house. The roof can get hot during the summer season so using an exterior plywood panel (treated with a nontoxic preservative like linseed oil) will do.
  • How do you plan to construct the floor of the doghouse? Make sure the floor of the dog house is built far enough above ground to prevent water from entering during rainy seasons. An elevated floor will help isolate the dog house from the cold ground in the winter.
  • Is your dog naturally very energetic and naughty? Consider also that your mutt will age as days, months, and years pass. To ensure that your pup can comfortably turn around while inside, scale the dimensions up or down as necessary to accommodate your pet.
  • Be careful not to make the dog house too large. During the winter, it is crucial that your dog can easily keep himself warm by using his natural body temperature.

Still Difficult? Kits to the Rescue

‘Do-it-yourself’ or ‘build it yourself’ kits are designed to be as simple as possible and can always provide sufficient protection for your pup.


“Building A Dog House – Is It An Easy Task?”

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Do you have plans for a dog house? Are you a do-it-yourselfer?

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  1. Great guide but I want to add this! an important aspect to any dog house is to make sure that it does not require high maintenance. A good dog house should be quick and easy to clean. Consider adding removable or adjustable roofs and front doors, wind walls and an awning over the front door.


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