Habitat for Hounds: Needy Dogs Getting Warm Dog Houses

Habitat for Hounds

Help a Needy Dog get a Warm, Insulated Dog House

~ Learn How to Build One Yourself!~

This is the story about how Habitat for Hounds came about. Back in the mid-1990s when I was a repairman on the road, we would see a dog on the interstate and pick it up. If we could find the owner, we returned it home. If not, we kept it to join our pack living on a two-acre fenced-in area. At one point, we had 13 dogs, mostly beagles.

All these dogs needed a doghouse, of course, and that started the development of what I believe is one of the best dog house designs that has evolved over 20 years.

Habitat for Hounds is all about getting warm, insulated dog houses to dogs in need. Or, pay a pittance and get detailed plans to build your own.
Image: Creative Commons

The Habitat for Humanity’s dog houses are:

  • insulated
  • six-sided
  • have a removable roof for changing the bedding
  • a rainproof door opening in the corner so your pet can get far away from the weather if needed
  • a carpet door that closes tight

The best part? We give them away for free to needy dogs.

What the Habitat for Hounds dog houses look like

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How Habitat for Hounds Began

In 2012 I was sitting in the lobby of Rabun Animal Hospital in Mountain City, Georgia. Brenda Nash, a veterinary assistant, sat down beside me and was telling me about her dream to provide dog houses to needy dogs. I had just retired, so I volunteered to build them since, over the years, I had made 30-40 dog houses.

Brenda received permission to put a donation jar in the lobby and “Habitat for Hounds” was born. Brenda volunteers for Best Friends in Utah, and they published her story in their Best Friends Magazine Jan/February 2014 edition.

Since that beginning, we have provided over 175 dog houses in the counties around our area, which is very rural and mountainous. We offer three sizes of dog houses with the largest dog house costing $150 in materials.

Brenda delivering a medium size house

Habitat for Hounds is all about getting warm, insulated dog houses to dogs in need. Or, pay a pittance and get detailed plans to build your own.
Image: Habitat for Hounds

A lot of folks here are of modest means, so as time passed, we struggled to get adequate donations to cover the cost of materials. We decided to start a GoFundMe campaign for donations, with a twist. The twist was a link to a YouTube video showing how to assemble our houses, but it provides no dimensions for the different pieces. To get those, if you donate $5 or more, you will get detailed plans. With the YouTube video and the detailed plans, anyone can build our houses! It is a win/win for everyone and especially the dogs in need!

Guest Writer: Ervin Leonard, Habitat for Hounds

Click here to view our YouTube Video.

To make a DONATION go to https://www.gofundme.com/ed5oxo

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