Canine Companionship: How to Get a New Dog to Bond with You

So you’ve got a dog, and you want to be sure you two have a great relationship? Bonds like these aren’t automatic, which means you’ll have to put in some effort. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to bond with your new four-legged friend. Read on to learn some of them, and you can get right to all the love and canine companionship your dog has to offer.

Play often

Whether your dog likes chew toys, ropes, or running around in circles, frequently playing with her is key to a happy friendship. Science shows spending time together beats stress and improves mood for both the pet and the owner, and playing is a great way to learn what activities your dog likes. You’ll be growing closer while you’re having fun.


Teaching your dog a few tricks, whether alone or with a trainer, comes with two benefits. First, it establishes rules, trimming down instances in which your dog could misbehave. Secondly, it’ll give you opportunities to reward your dog’s good behavior, which also helps her to recognize how to make you happy. So long as your pet picks up the training, you’ll be in for less frustration.

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Be kind

Your dog will mess up sometimes. When this happens, it’s easy to get mad and yell. But before doing so, consider calmer responses. Remove your dog from the problem; keep your voice lowered. Chances are you’ll stress your dog out if you stress out first, and while it’s hard always to keep a level head, watching your tone for your dog’s sake can keep you both in good spirits.

Learn your dog’s preferences

Dogs have personalities of their own and learning what they like and dislike is an easy way for the two of you to bond. Pay attention to what foods and toys your pet enjoys the most; likewise, take note of what your dog finds unpleasant. It will take some time, but getting to know your pet is worth it in the long run.

Dogs are not just animals in the home; they’re members of your family. Even when the addition is new, putting forth the effort to make your pet comfortable is vital to establishing trust. Relationships take time to grow, so don’t delay ushering your dog into the fold. The more committed you are, the happier you both will be.


Do you have a good bond with your dog? Was it difficult?


“Canine Companionship: How to Get a New Dog to Bond with You”

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