Cat Playroom – 10 Ideas for Creating a Playroom in Your Home

While dogs may be man’s best friend, cats don’t seem to be far behind. As more people think of pets as family members, many homes are being adapted to be comfortable for their four-legged friends. While dogs may love taking a walk, cats prefer staying at home and finding various ways to amuse themselves. One of the best ways to do so is by giving your kitties their own room, which they naturally deserve. In addition to keeping kitties happy all the time, a cat playroom is a perfect place to keep your cats out of trouble, especially when you have company over for dinner or other occasions. If you’ve talked it over with your kitties and decided a playroom is what they need, here are ten ideas you can use to create a cat playroom that your favorite felines will adore.

10 Tips for Creating a Dedicated Cat Room

1. Cats Don’t Want to Feel Confined

While kitties like to have some time to themselves, that doesn’t mean they want to feel confined. If you’re ready to go all-out in creating a cat playroom, why not knock down a wall to create more space. You can then incorporate some interior glass room dividers to make the area look larger and more inviting for people and cats alike. High-quality glass wall partitions are another option, as are large sliding doors. Not only will this define how much space your cats will enjoy, but also let in plenty of natural light while not isolating them from the rest of the house. By using these interior glass doors, your cat will be safely contained, but not confined.

2. Catwalks

Since cats love to be high so they can look down on things, a catwalk should be a natural part of your cat playroom. Therefore, creating a cool catwalk should be natural. To do so, simply have a beam running along the walls, positioned about a foot below the ceiling. For kitty’s convenience, have a few access ramps available as well.

3. Cat Trees and Gyms

Since kitties love to climb, purchasing some cat trees and gyms will ensure your feline gets a great workout. But remember, this works best with cats who are younger since they will have plenty of energy to burn off during the day. However, if you’ve got older cats, they can still enjoy themselves if you have one or two shorter trees available.

10 Ideas for Creating a Cat Playroom in Your Home

4. Kitty TV

Just like people, cats like to watch TV. However, rather than watching soap operas, give them nature shows featuring birds or even cartoons to watch. After all, there’s nothing better than watching birds flying around from tree to tree or an episode of Tom and Jerry. But remember, to avoid any conflicts among your kitties, decide beforehand which cat will be in charge of the remote control.

5. Comfortable Sleeping Spaces

To ensure kitty has a good nap, install a Kitty Sill. A bed that attaches to the window sill, it’s sure to please any kitty. Along with this, add a variety of cat beds and kitty hammocks throughout the room, giving everyone plenty of room to spread out at nap time.

6. Kitty Bathroom

If you’re tired of changing litter boxes, invest in one that attaches to the plumbing and automatically flushes once the motion sensor shows the kitty has left the box. If this is not an option, choose a spill-proof box that automatically controls odors. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a clean and sweet-smelling cat playroom.

7. Go Green

To make your cat’s playroom feel fresh and energetic, go green in as many ways as possible. For starters, painting the room green will bring a sense of energy that your felines will love. In addition to this, add a variety of cat-friendly plants that can be chewed and gnawed on day and night. If you’re feeling brave, grow your own catnip in the playroom. However, be prepared for a bunch of wild and crazy kitties.

8. Kitty Toy Box

Stock your cat’s playroom with toys, and be sure you have an attractive and sturdy toy box behind those interior glass doors. Whether it’s jingle balls, toy mice, or other toys, they’re sure to get quite a workout in this room.

10 Ideas for Creating a Cat Playroom in Your Home

9. Use Regular Household Items

While you can buy plenty of toys, your home probably already has plenty of items cats will love. For example, if you’ve got cardboard boxes sitting around, put them in your room and watch the games begin.

10. Cat Apps

You can download apps that will allow you to control items found in your cat playroom. For example, the Play with Adoptable Cats feature on PetMD allows owners to control various remote-control toys, which is guaranteed to make your cat wonder what the heck is going on.


Whether you’re using glass wall partitions or interior sliding glass doors, there’s no doubt your cat playroom will look great and provide your feline family members with hours of fun.


“Cat Playroom – 10 Ideas for Creating a Playroom in Your Home“

Guest Writer: Susan Combs works as a Pet Health and Safety Expert and holds expertise in the area of animal/pet care. She has over six years of experience in pet healthcare and is a pet parent to a dog named Chilly.

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2 thoughts on “Cat Playroom – 10 Ideas for Creating a Playroom in Your Home”

  1. Getting Bear Cat a cat tree was the best decision I ever made (after adopting him of course). When he gets bored, he causes trouble … so I’ve become a bit of an expert in cheap, homemade toys to keep him entertained. The toy box reminds me of a conversation I had with my landlady. She came over to fix something and marveled at how all Bear’s toys were in one pile. She begged me to teach her to train her cats to do that and I laughed as I confessed that if I left it up to Bear, the entire floor would be a mine-field of toys everywhere 🙂

    • Speaking of a mind-field of toys, you should see my house when my grandson leaves. Funny, I do have 3 indoor cats and 3 outdoor cats. Of the 3 inside, only one of them likes to play much. Cats are funny like that.


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