Make Your Cat Videos the Next Social Media Sensation (and Maybe Pocket a Cool $100 Mil)

Make Your Cat a Social Media Icon with Cat Videos

(and Maybe Pocket a Cool $100 Mil)

Guest Writer: Gary Le Mon

I’m told the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is a respected arts organization, perhaps even a bit highbrow. In 2012, the center hosted its first Internet Cat Video Film Festival, a show that would have seemed lowbrow only a few years earlier. The festival consisted of the same content that logjams YouTube today: cute cat videos of felines doing silly things. Crowds of cat lovers showed up in the thousands to turn their solitary appreciation of cat videos into a social experience.

Make Your Cat Video the Next Social Media Sensation (and Maybe Pocket a Cool $100 Mil)

Why Cats?

A lot has been written on the question of what it is about cats that should turn otherwise serious people into putty. It might be their remarkable capacity for facial expression that makes them especially watchable, or maybe it’s because, despite their serious demeanor, they have a talent for getting into strange predicaments.

Whatever the actual reason for the popularity of cute cat videos, dozens of them catch the attention of cat video lovers and go viral each year. And that means 15 minutes of fame, and not a small sum of money, for the cat and cat owner involved. As anyone interested in cats probably knows, Grumpy Cat, the sourpuss Internet sensation, earned her owner Tabatha Bundesen from my State of Arizona $100 million in less than two years.

If you’re a cat owner, you may want to try your luck getting into making cute cat videos yourself. If you’re not sure how to go about this, there are some excellent books on the subject. And a few quick tips here can get you started.

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Watch those videos to know what’s possible

A particularly popular video, called Trump Your Cat, features a cat with a Trump-like hairdo. Cat confessionals, in which cats are shown seeking absolution for the mischief that they get into, are also well received. The Henri series taps into an imaginary existential angst of cats. Even Thomas Edison got in on the action with a kinetoscope of cats wearing gloves and trying to box. The more videos you look at, the better you’ll understand what kind of oddball humor goes big. Remember that the best off-beat ideas can be a great way to find ideas of your own.

Study your cat

If your cat has superstar potential, you won’t find it by making it do what other cats do. Every cat has a talent, and it is up to you to find what makes your cat worthy of a video. It could be a cute way of eating, purring, stretching, meowing, sleeping or making a mess; anything will do, as long as it’s watchable. Observe him for several weeks; watch and learn.

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Play creatively with your cat

There is a lot more to playing with a cat than twirling a ball of string. From putting your cat on a treadmill, putting makeup on him and turning him into Puss-in-Boots, to teaching him how to dance, walking him on a tightrope and putting him in a play that you’ve written for him, there is no end to the scenarios you can involve your cat in. If you’re watching, observing and thinking every minute that you play creatively with your cat, you’ll catch something out of the ordinary. You should have your camera ready.

Give your cat that Hollywood smile

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Love your cat

The greatest moments of creativity come to those who love what they do. The best part of putting a cute cat video on the Internet is that no one expects above-average videography. All that viewers want is something funny for a quick laugh. It all comes down to finding a way to show your pet’s most impressive tricks to the world. As long as you’re focused on being original, rather than repeating what others have already done, you will have a decent shot at success.


“Make Your Cat Video the Next Social Media Sensation (and Maybe Pocket a Cool $100 Mil)”

Make Your Cat the Next Social Media Video Sensation (and Maybe Pocket a Cool $100 Mil)Author bio: Gary Le Mon is a Board Certified Master Herbalist specializing in home remedies for dogs and cats. He is certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, a member of the American Herbalists Guild and the American Botanical Council. Founder and chief formulator of Natural Wonder Products , now retired, Gary dedicated himself to caring for animals and the formulation, testing, and distribution of Earth-friendly, 100% natural veterinary-naturopathic medicine.


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