Love Your Pet Day, all year long! Come Share Your Pet Pics With Us

Today is “Love Your Pet Day”

~ Share your Pet Pics With Us ~

I don’t know who declared today, February 20th, to be “Love Your Pet Day,” but nevertheless, we’re celebrating. Of course, every day is a love your pet day, as you know.

What I would like to do here is invite you to share pics of YOUR PETS.

Love Your Pet Day, every day of the year. Send us your pet photos, all year long.


If you want your pets to appear on Animal Bliss, simply email your picture(s) to:

Write a little blurb about your pet, and TELL US WHERE YOU’RE FROM!


Does this sound like fun? Share as many pets as you want, tell us their names and write something special about each one. Include your mug shot too, if you like!

And don’t forget: TELL US WHERE YOU’RE FROM.

All are welcome: cats, dogs, lizards, bunnies, snakes, spiders, birds, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, gerbils, rats, mice, horses, goats … even cows! Furry, scaly, or feather, anything at all.

Come one, come all.

Share your pet pics with us — any day of the year!

Not just today.

Let’s see how many we can get on here!!!!


Allow me to begin our Love Your Pet Day party.

Jeanne Melanson: Michigan, USA

The House Cats:

Love Your Pet Day, Animal Bliss
Jessie Cat, 20 years old

This is Jessie. She’s 20 years old. I went to a store one day, saw that someone had feral kittens to give away. I went back into the store and bought a kitty litter box and some litter, then called the number. Jessie had an identical twin and one of my friends got that one and named it “Molly.” Jessie is still in great shape. She looks nice, doesn’t she?




Here’s Maisy. She is approximately 2 years old. My better half’s name is Jon. On Jon’s last day of his last job, Maisy showed up at his workplace. She claimed Jon. They had been seeing her around a lot so they knew she was a stray. Her long hair was matted and she was in need of much grooming. So … Jon brought her home.


The Feral Cats:

Last spring we realized we had 4 feral kittens in our woodshed. There were 2 short-haired cats, one beautiful long-haired one, and a Siamese! We trapped them all, one by one, and had them all neutered and spayed at West Michigan Spay & Neuter Clinic. It only cost us $20 for each cat, and they clipped their  nails and gave them Rabies shots too. What a deal.

Should You Spay or Neuter Your Cat? Absolutely. Here’s Why

Anyway, we started feeding the ferals and over the summer they became very friendly.

One in particular, Kitty, moved into the house for the winter. Smart move. He is SO lovey-dovey and needy. Put that “needy” in capital letters too. Oh my goodness, he can’t get enough lovin’ and is a real pest when I’m trying to do my work here! But I love him. A lot.


There others prefer to live outsider, so we left the front door to the hallway open and fed them all winter long. I’m betting we’ll have another indoor cat or two before the next winter sets in. We put a couple cat beds the  hallway for them too, where they sleep together every now and then. We named them Siam, Mister, and Sweety.

The Opossums:

Three oposums showed up too, one by one, to take advantage of the free cat food in the front hallway. The cats didn’t seem to mind at all. They all got along well enough with no squabbling that I know of. Of course, the opossums aren’t our pets, but I wanted to include them anyway, because opossums are people too.


Just for the record, Opossums aren’t all that bad. People think they’re dirty, stinky, full of fleas and ticks. But look at this:

Yay! bring on the Opossums!


The Bearded Dragon:

I can’t forget Shirley, of course. She’s a 3-year-old Bearded Dragon. I’ve had her since she was about 5 weeks old and 4 inches long. She measures 19 inches long these days, from the tip of her tail to her nose. Bearded Dragons go into brumation during the cold months, which means they semi-hibernate. Shirley has been sleeping for the past 2 1/2 months and I miss her. She has not needed food during this whole period. Amazing, isn’t it?

Shirley will wake up soon, as the weather warms up. In summer I take her outside to sun. She loves the sun and needs the Vitamin D it produces. I have to keep my eye on her though, because she can run very fast. If she were to run into the nearby field, I may never find her.

She enjoys car rides too. A lot, I think. I take her shopping for worms on occasion. She sits on my shoulder.

Canine Osteosarcoma: Bone Cancer

The Canines:

Unfortunately our beloved dogs are gone but I feel I must give them an honorable mention. We lost all 3 senior dogs to cancer in a span of two years. Ouch. They were the best companions we ever had, and they lived quite long time for large dogs.


A multitude of other animals have come and gone, too numerous to mention here.


But I do hope that you will join me in celebrating your pets by emailing your photos and blurbs to:

I look forward to hearing from you, any day of the year(s).

Invite your friends!

Let’s see how many we can get on here!!!!

Thanks for joining me on, “Love Your Pet Day.”

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Love Your Pet Day, all year long! Come Share Your Pet Pics With Us #LoveYourPetDay Share on X

Mila Sanchez, somewhere in the USA


Mila Sanchez, Baymax
Baymax, 1 year GSD

Baymax is a 1 year old, 80 pound German Shepherd and lovable handful. He is fully aware of how beautiful he is, and often uses his good looks to get away with everything. He loves the attention he gets everywhere, and basks in all the loves and pats he always receives. His favorite toys are his squeaky balls and his stuffed hedgehog, and most recently a stuffed heart he got for valentines day. His favorite game is taking your shoes so you’ll chase him (if you don’t follow

Mila Sanchez, Baymax

him, he turns around to make sure you see he has your shoe!). Baymax suffers from chicken and grain allergies, but other than those allergies he is fit and healthy! You can see constant pictures of Baymax by following @milaneechan on instagram.

Mila sent me 2 pictures of Baymax because she couldn’t decide, and neither could I. Here is the other one too. How could I not add this one, right?

FYI: Mila has written several articles for Animal Bliss. Do a search for her name in the top right corner and you will find your posts.  😆 

Thanks, Mila and Baymax 





How many pets do YOU have?

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Jeanne Melanson, Founder of Animal Bliss, a very cool blog about animals - wildlife and domestic too

Animal Bliss - A really cool blog about Animals - domestic pets and wildlife too.

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