Copper: Safest Natural Remedy for 4 Common Pet Problems

Copper is the Safest, Natural Remedy
for 4 Common Pet Problems

Your four-legged friends are an integral part of your lives, and you cannot see them suffering from even the slightest discomfort. And yet, there are some common pet health problems which are often unavoidable.

With the increasing awareness regarding natural remedies for pet issues, more and more pet owners are ditching the chemical-laden and artificial solutions for the more natural ones.

Copper: Safest Natural Remedy for 4 Common Pet Problems

Copper is one such natural and is a completely safe remedy which is effective in solving most of the commonly occurring problems in pets. Copper is widely known for its anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-odor properties. Thanks to technological advancements, copper is now being incorporated in several products for humans and their pets as well. These are completely safe for daily usage. Some of the pet products include copper pet beds and pet blankets, which can help keep your pets healthy and happy!

So let’s take a look at four common pet issues listed below and how copper can help remedy them naturally, in a safe and non-invasive way.

1. Odor

Does your pet always stink with a particular smell? One of the most common reasons for pet odor is bacteria and yeast infection. Animal secretions, especially skin oils in areas of the body such as the ears, skin folds, beneath the tail, as well as other parts which are moist and dark, sometimes lead to an unpleasant and strong body odor which worsens when the pets scratch the affected area more, or they damp.

Copper Cure: Copper, due to its anti-microbial and anti-odor properties, has the power to destroy unwanted odor usually caused by a mixture of bacteria, fungi, and sweat.

2. Arthritis

Inflamed joint or joints cause arthritis in old and even young dogs in some cases. The most common form is osteoarthritis which results from aging, injury, overuse, or an unstable joint. Other causes of inflammation in joints can be due to bacterial or fungal infections and is known as septic arthritis.

Copper Cure: Copper has been known for its anti-inflammation properties for several years.

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3. External Parasites

Fleas, ticks, lice, and ear mites are the most common external parasites which bother your furry four-legged friends. Fleas mature and spread quickly and can cause severe skin disease and itching. Fleas are also responsible for spreading tapeworm. Ticks are disease-carrying parasites which feed on blood and act as vectors of several diseases. Ear mites can cause severe irritation and skin problems in dogs including red and itchy skin lesions, scabies, etc.

Copper Cure: Copper has been used for many years as an active, natural and non-invasive remedy for keeping parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites away.

4. Yeast and Bacterial Infections 

Skin infections in your pet can either mean a yeast or bacterial attack. Yeast or fungal infections are usually found in those areas of your dog’s body which remain moist. These include armpits, any skin folds, ears, and feet. Similar to allergies, yeast infections are prevalent in warmer weather and hence are often misdiagnosed as allergies. Common symptoms include itchy paws and ears, frequent shaking of the head, scooting across floors, and a brown waxy discharge from the ears.

Bacterial infections occur as secondary infections to allergies mostly because of broken skin resulting from intense scratching. Besides, dogs constantly lick the affected area which spreads the infection, thus making it worse.

Copper Cure: Copper is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Copper ions rupture and penetrate the cell wall of these pathogenic micro-organisms and attack their DNA, making them entirely inactive.

If your pet is suffering from any of the above-listed problems, give copper-infused pet products a try. Copper products are a safe, reliable, and completely natural way to help keep those tails wagging happily!


“Copper: Safest Natural Remedy for 4 Common Pet Problems”

Guest Author: Kunal is a young and passionate entrepreneur, fascinated by the workings of the human body and natural solutions for common health problems. He is single-minded in his goal to make Copper Clothing a brand that is recognized across the globe by partnering with global brands to make these high-tech materials easily accessible for everyone.

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