Dog Needs HELP, Hendrick Boards Has a Mission to Save Him

Barkley the Dog Needs HELP

Hendrick Boards Has a Mission to Save Him

Barkley the Dog Needs Help

Barkley the dog needs HELP desperately!  He was quite a mess when he was rescued by Trio Animal Foundation.  When they brought Barkley in for emergency grooming, what they found underneath the fur was very disturbing.

Alarmingly, Barkley weighed in at only 4 pounds.  In a healthier condition, he should have weighed about 15 pounds.

Two of Barkley’s toenails were embedded in his ear, where apparently he had tried to scratch, but his fur was matted so severely that his toenails were ripped out.

Barkley was also found to have many sores and burns up and down his legs from urine. His gums were pale.

Barkley the Dog Needs Help

His toes were tightly fused together by matted fur and dried pus from infection.  The only way to separate the toes were to forcefully pull them apart.

Barkley is in disturbing condition and is currently being given antibiotics and pain medication. He has a very long road to recovery and needs your immediate help. You can play a part in his recovery!

Barkley the Dog Needs Help

Barkley the dog needs HELP!

Hendrick & Co. (aka Hendrick Boards) has very kindly created a campaign to raise the funds needed to save Barkley. With each and every purchase you make today, they will donate $10 to help save Barkley. With your help, we can help save another life.  Donate, buy a shirt, buy a skateboard, SHARE!

Click here to read my post about Hendrick Boards and their mission.

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6 thoughts on “Dog Needs HELP, Hendrick Boards Has a Mission to Save Him”

  1. I cant believe somebody could be blind to not notice the problems this dog is having. How could anyone be that bad an owner that they couldnt keep up with the taking care of this poor creature. I hope the owner was held accountable and he is able to overcome his problems and can live someday like a normal dog should. He will be in my prayers and I will share this, thanks for sharing so I could share.

  2. This is terrible and brought very close to home because my 16 year old niece wants to be a vet and has a part time job in a vet clinic. So far she has brought home a cat and 2 bunnies that had been terribly mistreated and I watched the effort and love it took to nurse them back to health. Her mom has let her keep the bunnies and they are full of love.

  3. OMG, this story breaks my heart. My own rescue dog was too skinny and was hit, but this guy looks like it had it so much worse. ~ I really hope the campaign is successful.

  4. This is probably the saddest thing I have seen. Poor sweet puppy, thanks for caring and sharing. I will see what I can send and will pray for him. Heartbreaking.


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