Ellen DeGeneres Animal Edition, Best of 500 Shows Video

Ellen DeGeneres Animal Edition

Best of 500 Shows

While I was looking around on the web this morning for something simple to share with you today, I came across this Ellen DeGeneres Animal Edition video which is a compilation of the best of her 500 shows, at that time, which was 2010.  I love animals, as you know.  I also love Ellen, which maybe you didn’t know.  And I definitely like to laugh.  Here’s hoping you enjoy this as much as I do.  

Ellen DeGeneres Animal Edition

Ellen needs no introduction, does she?  That’s why I didn’t offer one.  I have enjoyed her comedy ever since her first show “Ellen”.   But if you’ve been living on another planet or under a rock somewhere, here is a fairly extensive Wikipedia piece about Ellen DeGeneres.  She’s been a busy woman!

Hey, did you have a favorite moment in the video?  Mine was the snake!  So funny where it ends up.  I liked the hypnotized lizard too.  Cute.  Tell me yours in the comments below.

Ellen DeGeneres Animal Edition

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