7 Deadliest Animals in Australia, Travelers Beware!

Deadliest Animals in Australia

Australia is a country inhabited by many dangerous animals that kill human beings. The deadliest animals in Australia that make this a possible place of danger are:

Deadliest Animals in Australia


  • These crocodiles can be up to 26 feet long. They ambush predators expertly. They wait for the prey as it goes close to riverbank so that it can pull its body and grab it in their jaws armed with sharp teeth, killing the prey, whether human or any other animal.
  • They get out of water using their muscular tails, meaning they can get you even if you are hiding in the tree.


  • The most dangerous sharks encompass the big daddy, tiger shark and bull shark. They are all white in color.  Australia is the habitat for all three.
  • Tiger sharks can be referred to as a garbage can as they gulp anything with a pulse. They hunt in shallow waters because that is where their food is. Since they eat anything, they can eat humans in the shallow waters
  • Bull shark is the most dangerous.  These stay in rivers. They mistake humans fishing for tasty fish and they can grab him or her.
  • The Great whites, which can reach lengths of up to 23 feet, are strong hunters.  They can move up to 25 miles per hour, jump out of water to catch their prey.
  • These sharks stay in one place, in the deep sea.  Great whites depend on smell and electromagnetic fields to look for the prey. So they may confuse a human swimming for a seal.
  • Sharks kill many people in Australia every year.


  • This is an animal that floats in shallow waters along the Australia beaches, waiting for unsuspecting human beings to swim by.  Its long tentacles coil the around body of a human being, injecting them full of venom. This causes death within minutes. There is no anti-venom available.


  • This creature has poison on a harpoon-like tube that can produces poison.


  • These are found in rock pools.  They are 10 cm long, with potent venom which has no anti-venom.  Death can occur within 2 hours.


  • Australia is the home for many snakes, examples of snakes found in Australia are the coastal taipan, king brown and the tiger snake. The venom from coastal taipan can kill up to 20 people.


  • This red-striped spider is the most deadly spider in Australia, Its venom induces severe pain.
  • The children and the elderly are the most exposed to the spider’s deadliest effect.

So if you’re planning a trip, make sure you stay away from these deadliest animals in Australia!

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