Dog Seat Covers Review, #seatcovers4Knines

4Knines Dog Seat Covers

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How Dog Seat Covers 4Knines Make Life Easier #seatcovers4Knines

Do you bring your dog(s) with you wherever you go in your car?  We sure do, and we know firsthand what that can do to your car.  You get an overabundance of dirt, sand, mud, hair, and who knows what else?  After a while, your car smells like a wet swampy dog from all of that good stuff seeping into the upholstery and no amount of vacuuming and cleaning will really get it back into tip-top shape again.

Well, let me tell you about the dog car seat covers (4Knines) that have recently caught my attention.  I saw that 4Knines® were looking for bloggers to review their products. They have several great pet / auto-related products to choose from, and I chose the front seat cover, knowing that our dogs would give that the most brutal test.

Front Dog Seat Cover 4Knines

I have to start off by telling you that we were immediately impressed by the quality of the seat cover.  How Dog Seat Covers 4Knines Make Life Easier #seatcovers4KninesThe material is thick, durable, waterproof, and very well made.  I have no doubt that it’s sturdy enough to last our dogs a very long time.  It fits on our bucket seat as if it was custom-made for it and has headrest straps, a seat anchor, and nonslip backing.   And it looks great too!

Best of all is that it’s very easy to keep clean.  Just wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum and it looks as good as new.  We live in Michigan and there is a lot of sand here.  The vacuum picks up the sand much easier than if it was on the upholstery.  Wet dog feet?  Just wipe clean.  We love it!

Oh, did I mention that it also comes with a lifetime warranty?

How Dog Seat Covers 4Knines Make Life Easier #seatcovers4Knines
This is Jake. He loves the new Dog Seat Cover too!

My honest opinion about the 4Knine dog seat covers?  I’m loving it!  I wish I’d known about them before the dogs got the best of my car, but it’s never too late to start now and protect my car seats from further destruction.  Thank you, 4Knines!


Other 4Knine Products You’ll Love

Another item I wouldn’t mind getting from 4Knines is their Waterproof Dog Bed Liner. We all know how in sad shape their dog beds can get, and they’re generally not all that easy to clean.  The bed liners are machine washable, are also made of heavy duty material, and come in several sizes.  Wonderful!

You may also want to purchase their sturdy, spiffy-looking Rear Seat Covers for different car widths, and Cargo Covers

Here is what 4Knines have to share about their company:

  • 4Knines® is a high-end pet-focused company.  Our motto is “Nothing but the best for your best friend!”.
  • We aim to become a recognized brand name by providing excellent products along with exceptional customer service.  We view ourselves as partners with our customers and community.
  • We aim to continue to grow for long-term sustainability and the ability to support local and national animal advocacy groups.
  • We donate $1 to ASPCA for every unit sold.  4Knines also supports multiple pet advocacy groups such as the Arizona humane society, Soldiers Best Friend, Marley’s Mutts, Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue and more.

Below are some links to help you find the company and see their amazing products for yourself.

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How Dog Seat Covers 4Knines Make Life Easier #seatcovers4Knines

Jake and I thank you for reading my review!


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6 thoughts on “Dog Seat Covers Review, #seatcovers4Knines”

  1. This would be a god send in this house! The never ending vacuuming of the car could stop, finally. We have 5 fur babies, three are long haired VERY large dogs. No more overwhelming cleaning after the vet trips!

    • Wow, you do have dog hair issues, I’m sure. Yes, this seat cover would be just the thing for you. If not this front seat cover, check out their full back seat cover, and their cargo cover. I love my seat cover. It’s so much easier to keep clean. Good luck to you, and thanks for entering. 🙂

  2. This is an awesome giveaway. It is so awesome how far the things that we buy our animals has evolved. They say a dog is a man’s best friend and that definitely is true. Thank you for sharing Jeanne. Awesome Share!

  3. I found one that was cushioned, had cute paw prints all over, fit the measurements of my back seat, and had so many straps and elastic bands on it, I thought I had found the perfect cover for my back seat. So I spent the $40.00 (plus S&H) and couldn’t wait to get rolling (ha ha).


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