Fox sounds you may not know exist, so watch this video

Fox Sounds You May Never Know Exist

~ Unless you watch this video ~

Fox Sounds
By Rob Lee from Evergreen, CO, USA (Fuzzy Freddy) [CC-BY-2.0,_U,_Face,_MD_2013-08-21-16.06.31_ZS_PMax_(9599360121).jpg#/media/File:Tabanus_atratus,_U,_Face,_MD_2013-08-21-16.06.31_ZS_PMax_(9599360121).jpg, via Wikimedia Commons
Fox sounds are one of the most mysterious aspects of a fox.  Fox have the most varied system of calls in the canid kingdom.  Not all of them can be explained, as the vocal patterns are so complex.

Some fox sounds can easily be mistaken for other animals, such as birds and raccoons, so it’s difficult to obtain accurate samples. This video shows only a few samples of the diversity of sounds they can make.

By way of introduction, I am familiar with the first fox shown in the video.  Her name is “Kevie” and she was rescued from a fur farm.   She is known as a Cinnamon (not a native red fox) and was born with brittle bones among other birth defects and therefore cannot be let out into the wild. She has found a loving sanctuary and she has a beautiful singing voice. You see her here hanging out in the office of the sanctuary.  Look at those eyes.  So beautiful.

Enjoy the fox sounds!

This video gave you quite a variety of fox sounds but they are just a very small sampling.  I have to say that the fox in the cage that sounds like a wounded dog disturbs me very much.  I apologize for that.  I also feel bad for the turtle at the end, but maybe that’s just me.  🙂

For more sounds that fox make, and video, visit Popular Science.

Fox Sounds
RED FOX – © Jason Smith | Dreamstime Stock Photos


I hope you have enjoyed, “Fox Sounds You May Not Know Exist


MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY:  Have you ever heard a fox?  Did you already know what they sounded like?  It’s odd to think that so many people don’t know.  We grow up with books and recordings and toys that teach us sounds of farm animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, and such.  But generally no fox!  Huh!  What’s up with that?


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9 thoughts on “Fox sounds you may not know exist, so watch this video”

  1. Hearing the sound of wolves sometimes make a person fear, mysterious voice behind it, keep a secret …
    really interesting article

  2. I had NO CLUE what a fox sounded like, very interesting sounds. Of course the entire time I was watching I kept thinking of that song “What Does the Fox Say?” LOL

  3. Hi Jeanne,

    You know it’s funny because ever since the video of “What did the fox say”, I’ve always wondered what they sounded like. I first learned about the viral video sometime last year and thought it was a funny video, but started to really wonder do they really make sounds and if they do, what they sounded like.

    Wow, these little guys can mix it up with their sounds! Honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard them make noises. It’s pretty similar to the “what does the fox say” video. I thought the fox video was just mocking them, but I guess it’s true! Lol!

  4. Jeanne, I recalled looking this up after hearing some WHACKED OUT noises back in NJ, in the weird hours of the night. The video proved that the little guy staring at me boldly when I’d arrive home late at night was the culprit 😉

  5. I had heard the sounds at a reforestation camp zoo exhibit. Your video sounds are so sad to hear. Your post was very interesting and I can understand why you want to work closely with animals.

  6. The first time we saw our current home in the country was July 3, 2002. We were amazed by two things — the big bed of chives growing wild in the ditch, and the pair of foxes with their three kits playing in the opposite ditch a short way up the road. Their den, we discovered, was a hole in a bank in the trees by the road. Mother and father fox would take turns watching the young as they came right up on the road to play.

    By the time we’d bought “The Fox Farm”, as our kids dubbed it, the foxes had disappeared, no doubt thanks to the big dogs at the farm just behind our place. But they’ve never left the area.

    When we heard the sound at 2:00 on the video, we didn’t know what it was. We thought it sounded like a wounded goose!

    But I have to tell you, that sound at :30… imagine hearing THAT sound at midnight when the house is quiet and all have gone to bed except you. It sounded as if it was just outside our back door. It freaked our cats out — they were on the alert, yet cowering in obvious terror. It spooked our blue heeler, Shadow, whose greatest joy is to chase coyotes. Even she didn’t want to go outside right then!

    I love living here in the country, so far from anyone else. Our neighbour behind us isn’t there any more and the place lies vacant. Our next nearest neighbour is half a mile away. It’s just us and the birds, the animals and the wildflowers.



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