5 Holistic Health Care Tips For Healthy Dogs

5 Holistic Health Care Tips For Healthy Dogs

There aren’t many things more sacred and beautiful than the bond between a dog and its owner. Rarely do you see such loyalty and unconditional love among people. A dog is a loyal companion, a member of your family, something more than just a simple animal. And so it stands to reason that we want the best for our pets. We want to provide them with the best food, the highest quality healthcare, and as much love as we can give, which is where holistic health care comes in.

5 Holistic Health Care Tips For Healthy Dogs
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There is no reason to limit ourselves to just one aspect of health, so why not do the same for our dogs? Providing our loved ones with the most comprehensive care can only benefit them more. A holistic approach to health care can also serve to preemptively regulate specific health issues and help you avoid the development, or the worsening, of certain medical issues. In the article below are five holistic health care tips that can help prevent some problems from occurring, as well as minimizing or even healing issues that already exist.

Take a different approach to your pet’s diet

We are what we eat – a claim that is a cliché for a good reason. It’s pretty much true. If you eat junk food, you will feel like trash physically and even mentally. If you live on a diet of lean meat, healthy fats, lots of fruit and vegetables, you will strengthen your body and mind accordingly.

The same goes for your pets too. Just like we would suffer from eating processed foods, so too will our dogs. Most commercial pet foods are chock-full of protein that comes from dubious sources. These proteins often contain a significant number of filler foods (most often corn) which was never a natural part of any dog’s diet. It’s all about profits, about using by-products from slaughterhouses, and chemicals in the form of sweeteners, additives, and preservatives.

We advise you to feed your dogs with either commercial pet food that is grain-free and organic or prepare your own. You can find many decent natural dog food recipes online, but in general, give them as much meat and vegetables as possible. Of course, consult your vet for advice on what foods you should avoid.


Hydrotherapy is very effective, especially for older dogs, or dogs with joint issues. It is common for a dog to gain weight and lose muscle tone due to the discomfort of aching joints. They won’t have the urge to run or play as much as before because of the constant pain they feel. This is where hydrotherapy comes in.

Hydrotherapy is essentially low impact on physical therapy in water. Having your dog enter a pool of warm water and letting him swim or walk puts minimal stress on your dog’s joints.

You could also go to a nearby beach or pool where dogs are allowed and let your dog swim in the shallow water.

Try out some supplements

In order to take good care of your dog, you should do as much research as you can. Speak with other dog owners, meet up with veterinarians regularly, check out websites, like Totally Goldens for example, that have valuable information. Stay informed about the change in the world of doggy care. You will notice that people are just now understanding how important supplementing your dog’s diet is.

Giving your dog probiotics can help with scooting, constipation, and bouts of diarrhea. Getting some omega-3 fatty acids can do wonders, as well as Agaricus blazei Mushrooms, which can improve your pet’s immune system.

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Mental stimuli are important

One aspect of a dog’s health that is sorely not mentioned enough is mental stimulation. A holistic approach should work on improving your dog’s emotional and physical health. A critical part of keeping your dog mentally stimulated is not allowing her to get bored. Let her socialize with other dogs, and train her regularly, even in old age. Keep her busy, both physically and mentally.

Use natural anti-flea products

Most commercial flea and tick protection products are serious heavy-duty chemicals – pesticides, mostly. Many commercial products come with warning labels, like not letting your dog go outside in the sun when covered in this product. For example, Fipronil can cause thyroid and nerve damage, and it gets ten times worse once it is exposed to sunlight. Imidacloprid, as another example, can cause liver toxicity, birth defects, and a host of other issues.

We suggest you go organic. For example, diatomaceous earth is a very fine powder that quickly kills insects. Furthermore, since it’s inert, fleas cannot develop a resistance to it, all the while keeping your dog safe. Cedar oil is fantastic against ticks (both for your dog and for you). Essential oils like peppermint, rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus are excellent against fleas and ticks. You can make a bath made from soaking three cups of cut fresh rosemary in four cups of water for around an hour. Then mix this up with a gallon of warm water, and let your dog soak in it. Don’t rinse it off, instead, let it air dry.

We also suggest you try some natural dog allergy remedies instead of going with the commercial version for basically the same reasons as those noted above.


Pets are indeed part of the family, and we should treat them as such. Whether it comes down to diet or physical activity, supplements, or choosing the right natural products, taking care of your pet should be very high on your list of priorities. Through a holistic approach, you can help improve your dog’s health, prevent the occurrence of certain medical issues, and make him as healthy as possible.


“5 Holistic Health Care Tips For Healthy Dogs”

Guest Writer: Simon Dupree is a pet lover and blogger who has a particular interest in covering the arts, social justice, and health. He considers himself to be a lifelong learner and strongly believes that knowledge should be shared as much as it should be pursued. Simon has started writing for Totally Goldens as a means of staying true to his beliefs.

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