16 Ways Horses Can Make Humans Healthier [Infographic]

16 Ways Horses Can Make Humans Healthier

If you are debating whether or not to get a horse (or even keeping one), it’s sometimes a simple case of weighing up the ‘good’ versus the ‘bad. However, there actually might be a lot more benefits to owning a horse than you might first think. For instance, did you know that horses can make humans healthier?

16 Ways Horses Can Make Humans Healthier [Infographic]
Image by Dorota Kudyba from Pixabay
For a start, horses have been shown to help people cope and deal with anxiety issues as well as depression and an array of other potential mental health-related problems. Not only that, horses generally help make us feel better and put us in a better mood.

Take a look at the following infographic which explores a whole range of health benefits horses can have on people. 

From the 16 health benefits mentioned above, it is clear that owning a horse isn’t just a great hobby (it is), but it has been shown that horses can help maintain your all-round life healthier. Consider these beautiful creatures your own personal therapist, trainer, and emotional support.


“16 Ways Horses Can Make Humans Healthier [Infographic]”

Guest Contributor: Many thanks to Rydale.com for the use of their infographic. Rydale, established in 1954, offers a range of Country, Equestrian & Outdoor clothing, all designed in house. Visit us online at rydale.com

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    • Fred, how great for you that you were able to witness the effects of equine therapy for youth with disabilities. I worked with adults with disabilities for many years, and I always brought one of my German Shepherds to work. It’s really wonderful how animals are able to break through, isn’t it? Thanks for visiting Animal Bliss! Peace


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