How High do Dogs get on Marijuana? THC-Free Therapy for Dogs

How High do Dogs get on Marijuana?

~ Good, the Bad, the Lowdown ~

Dogs get pretty stoned when they eat your stash. In fact, the high is scary for them and bad for their mental and physical health. In severe cases, dogs can injure themselves and fatalities exist. THC causes terror-induced highs and owners should keep their stash from pets. So if you ever wondered how high do dogs get on marijuana, the answer is, “too high.”

How High do Dogs get on Marijuana? THC-Free Therapy for Dogs

Storing your cannabis in a safe place is important. Your dogs and cats should not have an opportunity to eat it accidentally. Keep it in a cupboard where it is safely out of reach of any children too. If your dog does munch on your pot, watch for symptoms of THC toxicity and take your dog to a veterinarian if this is suspected. Be honest about what happened. Most cases are short-lived if treated efficiently and complications are rare.

Now that marijuana is legal medicinally, for recreation, or both, in most U.S. states, veterinarians see more cases of weed poisoning in pets. It often happens, usually when owners step away for a moment during preparation or when leaving it in easily accessible places. If you wisely choose to treat your dog’s condition with cannabis, you must manage it carefully and responsibly.

On the other hand, cannabis is good for them too. THC-free weed products high in cannabinoids have therapeutic medical benefits for dogs.

Cannabis and Pets: Another Way to Treat Animal Pain

Medical Marijuana for Pets

When treating dogs with marijuana, it is important to consider the effects from their perspective. An animal will not know that it has taken the weed and the feeling will likely terrorize it half to death. You do not want to get the dog stoned. Use only the correct amount of cannabis products for animals. Check the information about its THC and CBD content before buying marijuana for dogs:

  • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC is the main ingredient in cannabis and is the one familiar to everyone. It is the THC which makes you high. As a psychoactive molecule, it can be a hallucinogen in potent doses and cause paranoia in those new to its effects. The higher the THC content of the product you buy, the more powerful its effects will be. Choose a THC-free product when giving weed to your dog.

  •  CBDs (Cannabinoids)

Cannabinoids are the non-psychoactive compounds in marijuana plants. They will not make your dog stoned and are abundantly available without THC. CBDs contain all the medicinal properties you need to treat your dog’s health problems without the terrifying effects of an unwanted, potentially dangerous marijuana high.

Follow the correct dosage instructions for cannabis as medicine for your dog. Click To Tweet

It is crucial that you follow the correct dosage instructions for your dog when administering cannabis as medicine. Stick to a strict schedule, and make sure that you err on the side of caution; less is more. Many dog owners are heavy-handed when dosing their pooches, which is unnecessary and counterproductive. Always avoid products with THC and only feed those rich in CBDs.

Anxiety and Your Pets: Can CBD Help? Cannabidiol Hemp


How High do Dogs get on Marijuana? THC-Free Therapy for Dogs
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Adverse Effects of Marijuana on Dogs

Despite the fact that marijuana has the potential to heal your dog from most common afflictions today, giving weed to animals is extremely distressing for them. Being stoned is not something a dog understands, and the effects are simply panic-stricken. Because of this, leaving your stash unattended or treating your dog with high-THC cannabis can cause other health problems:

  • Dribbling Urine

A dog overdosing on cannabis may dribble urine involuntarily, and the likely high dose of THC for your dog’s size can cause numbness and lack of muscle control, particularly potent Indica sedatives.

  • Pacing and Panting

One sign of marijuana toxicity in dogs is pacing, which is an anxious behavior, as is excessive panting. If your dog is acting this way, he likely found your Sativa stash.

  • Falling Over

Your dog falling over can be an alarming sight. It looks worst when the dog cannot stand upright, but mostly it happens when he tries to turn or coordinate movement. Get him to a necessary quickly.

5 Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs (Infographic)

  • Low Heart Rate

A low heart rate can cause extreme dizziness and signs of distress. The dog will likely have pale mucous membranes, be unbalanced, lethargic, and if the heart rate drops too much, it can quickly lead to death.

  • Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is another serious complication. It will be obvious that your dog is unwell. Organs can start shutting down as a result if left untreated. Your veterinarian will need to stabilize blood pressure fast.

  • Wide-Eye

Wide-eye occurs when dogs are dangerously frightened. Their pupils dilate, and their eyes are so wide open the whites show clearly. Dogs in this state of mind can injure themselves and others.

  • Easily Startled

If your dog is jumpy and easily startled for no apparent reason, check your stash. It may be missing. Dogs get nervous about weed. It can make them insecure about movement, noise or other perceived threats.

If you suspect your dog has eaten your marijuana, take him to the vet immediately, provided it is safe to do so. Terrified dogs can be reactive if overwhelmed, so always be cautious when handling a stoned pooch. He will not be feeling well. In all the confusion, it is best to avoid a bite and call your vet at the first sign of a threat to your safety.

How to Use Cannabis to Treat Your Dog: CBD for Dogs


Cannabis is a highly effective treatment for a variety of animal conditions. It can relax, soothe, relieve pain, ease discomfort, and so much more. However, owners must be responsible when giving weed to their dogs. Blowing smoke into their faces is a bad idea. Not only will your pets learn not to trust you, but you are also forcing them to inhale toxic smoke, putting their health at risk.

Always administer cannabis to dogs orally. You can drop it on their tongue directly, or you can add it to their food. Be knowledgeable of the adverse effects of marijuana in dogs and always keep a watchful eye for any signs of them. Ask your dispensary specifically for THC-free marijuana products for dogs. Oils and other cannabis concentrates are available for pets that are high in CBDs and free of THC.

How High do Dogs get on Marijuana?

Author Bio –  John Levy is a professional blogger and researcher covering topics related to cannabis and its effects on pets. Currently, working for Pot Valet – a leading online dispensary to provide pot delivery. John loves to share research-oriented work with others. Follow his company on Google+ and Twitter.

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How to Use Cannabis to Treat Your Dog: CBD for Dogs


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  1. It is very risky for the dogs to take weed. They can’t control enough, unlike human beings. Before giving weed to the animals you have to research first and learn everything so that you will have an idea on what to do and how.

  2. I enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool! thanks. US, UK and EU patients who wish to buy cannabis oil online or CBD oil online is highly recommended to buy medical marijuana and cannabis for sale from marijuana online store.

  3. Dogs will get high with the weed if you gave them so much, so there is a limit in giving cannabis to an animal so make sure that your dogs should not eat it accidentally.

    • I agree with you, Kevin. I would never give cannabis to an animal. But CBD Oil is safer and I give a couple of drops on my German Shepherd puppy when she gets too excited and bites everything in sight.

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  5. Great post! I work in the cannabis industry and have a dog who use to be quite anxious and rowdy at night. I looked into CBD oils for pets and found that Innovet PurCBD, not sure if it is still the same name, but it worked like magic. 10 drops every evening before going to bed and my dog (a poodle0) was peacefully asleep. I definitely recommend it if your pet has anxiety issues.

  6. Intriguing read.

    I am a tad hesitant when it comes to marijuana with pets. While I have heard about the advantages, I still toe the line and feel it is rather risky.

    This read does provide an in-depth look into the subject so that should ease the nerves a tad.

    • I understand what you mean, Robert. I would be hesitant in giving my dogs therapeutic marijuana too. They can’t tell us how they feel about it. I wish they could. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look at the article. All the best to you.


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