How To Help Your Dog Be Happy And Healthy

How To Help Your Dog Be Happy And Healthy

written by +Neil Kilgore

Dogs are our loyal companions, our friends, and our protectors, so it can sometimes seem strange that in order for our dogs to be healthy and happy we have to take special care to raise them in such a way that they can be independently happy and well-adjusted. Dogs, after all, are very intelligent animals capable of great depth of feeling, and as such they are very similar to humans in terms of their physical and mental needs. Just like humans, dogs have a desperate need for exercise, an outlet of some kind for their energies, and if they don’t get it they can become nervous to an unhealthy degree – much like people.

Similarly, dogs need the right kind of social interaction in order for them to develop into healthy members of society. You’ve certainly heard of, if not seen, dogs that have been poorly socialized: dogs that bite people or other dogs, that run from anyone and everyone and hide, that don’t seem to understand boundaries and the pecking order. In order to prevent your dog from becoming one of these poor, addled specimens of man’s best friend, it is important that you make an effort to properly socialize your dog. To that end, a dog park is the best bet for great socialization opportunities for your dog!

How To Help Your Dog Be Happy And Healthy

The Plight of the Modern Dog

As previously mentioned, most of the problems your dog faces in terms of socialization and behavior are owing to lacking proper opportunities for physical and mental activity. Just as in the Shining, all work and no play make Jack go crazy – and the same goes for your dog. Dogs are active animals with more than enough energy to really inhabit that role. They are hunters, herders, protectors, and the predators of vermin when they have been domesticated, while in the wild dogs hunt, scavenge, engage in the complexities of pack life, and try not to be hunted themselves!

Your typical modern pet dog, however, spends quite a bit of time just chilling out. Whether its lounging on a couch, napping on the floor, or eating their food from bowls set out for them – sans hunting and scavenging and all the effort involved in that – dogs can easily become bored, lonely, and overweight. With all of their needs taken care of for them, dogs can become so bored that they will find ways to stay busy and interest themselves, such as ripping apart shoes, knocking over trash cans, and tearing into your furniture. Obviously, this is not an ideal situation for you.

What’s Best for Both of You

A dog park offers the perfect opportunity to give your dog plenty of exercise opportunities in the realm of both the physical and mental. Off their leash, your dog can run as much as they like, look into new smells, play with other dogs, and play with toys until they collapse from exhaustion. These trips to the dog park can, in fact, be so exhausting for a dog that they immediately fall asleep after getting home!

As social beings, dogs also need the same kind of social connection with their own kind that we need. A dog park is a great place to get this. Dogs can work on their social skills by reading other dogs’ body language as well as using their own to communicate with those dogs. They can learn how to meet and deal with unfamiliar dogs, as well as their unfamiliar owners; these experiences will help keep your dog from becoming aggressive and/or fearful. Ultimately, there’s nothing better for you OR your dog than a regular trip to the dog park!

THE AUTHOR+Neil Kilgore loves his dog park almost as much as his dog! He regularly blogs about dogs, breeders and puppies on the Greenfield Puppies website.

How To Help Your Dog Be Happy And Healthy

How To Help Your Dog Be Happy And Healthy


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